[Root] How To Change IMEI of Android With Pc [MTK Droid Tools]

Learn How To Change IMEI of android with PC .easy and simple method to change IMEI of android devices .just download MTK droid tools and change IMEI of any MTK device.

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If you want to change IMEI number of android phone then you can read our full post on how to Change IMEI number of any android phone with rooted android phone or without root android phone. Just dial this code (*#*#3646633#*#*) in your android phone and check it ,if it’s working then you don’t need to root your android phone to change IMEI number. You can change your phone IMEI number by applying simple steps.

But, if that above code is not working in your android and  still you wish to change IMEI of android phone then you need to root your phone first. Rooting is a necessary process to access the directory file of any android device. After that you can modify or change any file of your phone as a developer. So root your android phone/device first and then start the process to change IMEI of android phone.

As I told you there are lots of working methods to change IMEI of android phone like Farma Root App,Mobile Uncle Tool and xposed etc. but here in this post I am sharing a very easy and 100% working method and you can change IMEI number of any android phone within a minute .but in this method you need to connect your rooted android phone with pc. ok now, if you are ready to change IMEI of android phone with pc then follow us and I will show you how to change IMEI of android with MTK Droid Tool.

Requirements To Change IMEI Of Android With Pc

  • Rooted Android Phone or device (Root Access Is must)

***If your android is not rooted then root it first [Easy root method]

  •  Data Cable to connect device with pc [try to use original USB Cable]
  • Enable USB Debugging in your phone
  • MTK DROID Tools
  • Android ADB driver [Depends on your phone]

Ok if you are ready then just follow the steps one by one and change IMEI of android with MTK Droid Tools

Step 01 – Check And Save IMEi Number

  • Dial *#06# in your phone and get IMEI.


  • Shut down your phone and open the back cover .here you can find your IMEI after removing the battery.


  • You can also check your IMEI number on your Purchasing bill.

Now after getting your IMEI, save it on safe place. So that you can use it again in future.

Step 02- Check Phone Status [ is It Rooted Or Not?]

  • Go to Google play store
  • Download and install root checker App on android .
  • Open the Root checker and click on “Verify Root Status”.

If your phone is rooted then it will display a Root Successful Message Congratulation!root access is properly installed on this device!

root checker

Step 03- Go For next Step

If your android device is rooted then go for next step 3

>>To start ,plug in your android phone with PC by using USB cable (Make Sure Debugging is On)

Important – don’t forget to enable debugging service in your phone.

>DownloadAndroid ADB driver , unzip the folder and run setup as a administrator.

adb driver

>now click on Install button as shown in Screenshot.

adb driver

adb driver (1)

> now download MTK Droid Tools ,unzip the folder and run the setup file as a administer .

> if everything is ok then MTK droid tool will detect your device automatically and you will see all information about your phone like brand name, IMEI number, android version etc as shown below screenshot.

mtk droid tools

> now click on “ROOT” button and it will ask you “to try receive root shell through already established SU?” click on yes button.

mtk droid tools to change imei

>a pop up window will be open in your phone for “Superuser permission” ….simply allow it.

> Within a minute after completing the process you can see a “GREEN SQUAR box”. Green square box means gain root shell access.

If still there is a yellow or blue box that means something is wrong .so unplug your device, close the program and plug-in device and start the process again.

> Once you have the root shell access click on the “IMEI/NVRAM” button and new window will be open as a screenshot.

change imei with mtk droid tool

> here in the box you can see your original IMEI number. Just type your new valid 15 digit IMEI number and click on “Replace IMEI” button.

> Now again click on “Reboot” button. Your android will reboot automatically again.

> dial*#06# and check new IMEI.

How To Change IMEI Of Android With PC-Video

If you are using valid IMEI number then you can see your network symbol otherwise it will show cross (X) symbol. Repeat the process and change it with new valid IMEI number again.

This is all about “How To Change IMEI of Android With PC {MTK Droid Tools}”.MTK droid tools is one of the best universal IMEI changer tool for all MTK devices. we tried our best to show you all steps in full detail. Now follow and change IMEI of android phone.

If you have any quarry or any issue please share with us we will try to help you.

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      • Yes I have properly installed. My phone show wrong imei no. Starting with 35xxxxxxxxx while check in my phone. And other thing is mtk droid tools doesn’t show root option. Pls. Help

          • i have also done factory reset, but problem was not shortout, and mobile uncle tools does’t open engineer mode in my phone, when i have press engineer mode two option will show First is Engineer mode (Android) and second is Engineer mode (MTK).
            first option show only phone info. and sencond option not open it and back to home screen Mobile uncle tool.
            actually my moblie show only one network at a time. and error msg. will show is “sim card removed pls. restart your mobile”. then i have restart my moblie and after restart show both of network, but second network can not work properly and automatic gone.
            pls help and thanks….

          • i have done factory reset. and also use mobile uncle tools but mobile mobile uncle tools dose’t open engineer mode. i am also use these code “*#*#4636#*#* but this code will show only phone information and radio on and off option. my phone one sim port properly work but second is not, and network is comes and goes many times but network providers name are so show when both network will comes on so i have try mtk droid tools but mtk droid tools dose not show root option in facing down. so what can i do now….. other things is my volume + button is dose not work when i am install custom rom “cm13”. pls. some help

          • ok ….now follow these steps one by one ….
            1. root your phone first.
            2.install TWRP or CWM custom recovery
            3.find Stock ROM for your model from Google.
            4.Flash a stock ROm

            thats it.
            all problems will we solve after flashing a stock ROM.after that again you can Root your phone or can change IMEI number.

            >>> you can visit on our YouTube channel to know more about how to root ,how to install TWRP or CWM or how to flash stock ROM .
            youTube Channel : New Information Era

            >>>>if you need more help ,please feel free to contact us.

          • I’m so frustrated with my phone! I have a Micromax Canavas nitro a310 & at least a couple of times a day it comes up with an error saying: “SIM Card Removed: Insert SIM and restart device”. after restart device both network show and work properly. and above problem is solve my both imei is changed with original in imei.exe file process. but GPRS is not work on both sim… pls help.

  1. dear negi ji,
    me xoloq 900S plus chala raha hu, lekin kuchh time se usme sim card lagane pr tower nahi aate hai, mene usme Imei no. bhi change karba k dekh liya
    ab mene MTK Droid Tools v2.5.3 se connect kr liya hai ab mujhe kya karna hai jisse me dobara Imei change krke dekh lu ya koi or tarika ho to batao plzz..


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