[No Internet] How To Unlock Android pattern lock Without Internet?

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How to unlock pattern lock without internet connection  or how to bypass android pattern lock without internet connection are the most trending quarry on the internet. Because after locking any android phone no one wants to lose their precious data if you are unable to access your phone .so they search new ways to unlock pattern lock without internet or without losing data. So here in this article we will try to help you to bypass android pattern lock and off-cause without internet.

Android Smartphone market is booming day by day and now android smartphones are the most famous stuff in the world for having various types of useful and important applications, games etc. now we can download any type of application from Google play store like photo editor, calling apps, messenger and security apps etc. but as we know just because of android Smartphone our data is no secure. Its attractive OS but no secure as it should had to be. You can download Paid Android For Free to know how much your data is secure .for our data security we normally use the mobile lock or pattern lock.

      Same as main reason to set up screen lock or pattern lock on our Smartphone is to keep it away from strangers (friends) from checking your personal data like messages, mail history, personal photos and important data etc. ok these all about your Smartphone security but what if you are the one them who can’t access your own mobile phone? It’s possible if you forget your pattern lock or password. We can bypass pattern lock by doing little bit efforts. Here our main aim is unlock android phone without internet connection. As we all know android is an open source platform and we can customized the android setting if you have deep knowledge about it. If you feel you are not quit well then don’t worry we are here for you to help you. Just follow and start with us .I will show you how easily you can unlock pattern lock without onternet?


Using of this method To unlock android pattern lock you will lose your all android phone data like messages,images,videos,musics,mails and contact numbers etc. so before applying this method make sure you had removed your SD card or memory card from your mobile or tablet.

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  • Here we are listing working and tested method to unlock android pattern lock without internet connection.
  • All process is simple and easy so anyone can use it to unlock android pattern lock.
  • Unlock android pattern lock without is free and no internet connection required.
  • No need to download any third party software.
Method 01 : Unlock Android Pattern Lock With backup PIN

unlock pattern lock by backup pin

  1. Enter wrong password again and again (5 to 10 times).
  2. then tap on the “forget Password” button.
  3. Now you need to enter correct backup PIN or your Google credentials.hit enter.
  4. No Internet connection required for this process.
  5. Your android phone should be unlocked now.
Method 02 : Unlock Android Pattern Lock With Hard Reset
If above method is not working or you are still unable to unlock pattern lock and password then you have use this method to reset your android phone.

unlock pattern lock by factory reset

  1. Simply turn off your android phone or device.
  2. Then press volume up button or volume down button and the power button on the same time.if home button is available in your phone then press the home button too.
  3. Now you will see a recovery mode in front of you.
  4. Then select “wipe data/factory reset”. use volume up key (+) to move up or use down volume key (-) to move down and use the power button to select particular option.
  5. After pressing the power button it will ask you to delete all user data.
  6. Select “ yes-delete all user data”.
  7. Wait for some time it will wipe all the user data and will reboot itself.
  8. Now your android device should be unlocked. Its 100% working method. But you will lose all mobile data.

All above method can help you to hack any android phone pattern lock,PIN lock or password.this is all about how to unlock android pattern lock without internet.

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