QLM IMEI Repair Tool Download [ Qualcomm Dual IMEI Tool ]

Latest QLM IMEI Repair Tool Download [ Qualcomm Dual IMEI Tool ]

Download QLM IMEI repair tool for all Qualcomm devices [ Android / Keypad / Tablets]. Here in this post, we are listing a free Qualcomm Phone IMEI repair tool and the name is QLM IMEI tool b19. The latest QLM IMEI repair tool is a 100% working and tested dual IMEI repair tool for Qualcomm mobiles (feature & Android). This tool is also known as Qualcomm IMEI repair tool B19 which supports almost all Qualcomm chipset-based devices.

If you have QUALCOMM Smartphone or feature phone or tablet and now getting null IMEI or invalid IMEI issues after reset or unknown bugs, use the free QLM IMEI repair tool as a QUALCOMM CPU IMEI tool without a box.

“yes”, just because it’s a free IMEI repair tool for Qualcomm devices, you no need to use extrenal hardware box for the same purpose.

The user interface of QLM IMEI repairing tool is very simple and esy to use. So everyone can use the tool without having advanced technical skill. Just boot the device into DIAG mode and flash new IMEI with B19 Qualcomm QLM IMEI repair tool to fix IMEI number issue.

ABOUT: Qualcomm IMEI Tool – QLM IMEI Repair Tool b19

Tool Name: QLM IMEI TOOL B19 (Alternative Name – Qualcomm QLM B19 Tool 2023 )

File Size: 20 kb

Support : All Qualcomm Device [ Smartphone/Keypad/Tables]

Here in this post, we are including two topics – 1. How to download QLM IMEI repair tool latest version? and 2. How to write IMEI using QLM IMEI repair tool or how to use QLM IMEI repair tool?

Smart Features Of Qualcomm QLM IMEI tool 2023

  1. Size of latest QLM IMEI tool is very low and it will not consume extra space of your device.
  2. It’s also a plug and play pc software. In short, it comes without executable setup. Just open the QLM IMEI tool zip file and run the software without installation.
  3. write single IMEI or dual IMEI at the same time. It’s a most popular free dual IMEI repapring tool for Qualcomm phones.
  4. latest version of Qualcomm IMEI software supports all qualcomm devices inclusing MSM8916, MSM8909, MSM8939, MSM8209, MSM8592 chipsets.

Download QLM IMEI Repair Tool Free 2022 – 2023 [ Qualcomm IMEI Tool ]

Latest Version Of QLM IMEI Repair Tool B19


DOWNLOAD 02 QLM v1.0.2


Qualcomm USB Drivers For Windows 7 / w8 & w10


DOWNLOAD 02 [ Direct Link]

*** All the links are working fine at the time of posting this tutorial. Also we updated the link recnetly. If any link is not working, please inform us by leavving your comment below.***

How To Use QLM IMEI Repair Tool To Write IMEI

As we already told you, QLM IMEI Repair Tool’s latest version is a Qualcomm IMEI number repair tool for all Qualcomm CPU or chipset-based Smartphones including keypad mobiles (jio). Users can use the QLM IMEI repair tool to flash any single SIM IMEI number or dual SIM IMEI number. If you have basic knowledge about the IMEI repairing with the correct tool, you are free to use QLM professional tool at your home or mobile shop. Most of all the devices are fully supportable with this tool. So you no need to download paid Qualcomm IMEI repairing tool, if the QLM tool is already in your hand.

But make sure, you are going to flash IMEI on QUALCOMM CPU device only. Otherwise, the tool will not work for you. We published this article in 2020 but till now it’s working fine on the latest devices. the best thing is that, here we updated the latest version of Qualcomm IMEI repair tool.

We already tested this Qualcomm IMEI repair tool [QLM IMEI Repair Tool ] on keypad mobiles [ Jio F90m & Jio LF 2403n ] and android [ Redmi 4 Santoni ] Smartphone. That means this tool is also suitable to use as MI Qualcomm IMEI repair tool.

Please Note: QLM IMEI tool can change IMEI of the device with a new IMEI number. But IMEI number changing is illegal in some countries. We also never support this type of work. So, never ever try to change the older IMEI of Qualcomm phone with new IMEI numbers.

Instructions To Flash IMEI On Qualcomm Phone Using QLM IMEI Repair Tool

  • First off download and install “Qualcomm USB drivers” on a windows pc. Driver installation is a must to create a bridge connection between pc and mobile. Skip the step, if drivers are already installed. No need to install it again in that case. If not, follow the link below to install Qualcomm USB drivers in pc.
  • Extract the downloaded “Latest QLM IMEI Repair Tool zip file” on pc.
  • Important Step : Enable DIAG mode on the device.

Please Note: DIAG mode must be enabled in Qualcomm phones to flash IMEI numbers using IMEI tool. Same as, DIAG port enabling methods can be different for different devices. Do google to find the correct method to enable DIAG mode for your device or read the below post to learn different methods to enable DIAG mode.


  • Connect the device with pc after enabling DIAG mode properly. If the DIAG mode is enabled, it will show “Qualcomm HS-USB  Diagnostic 9091 port” under the “device manager” section. Remember, Diag mode must be enabled in order to write new IMEI on Qualcomm android devices.

qualcomm hs usb diagnostics port

  • Now unzip the “QLM IMEI Zip” file and run the “QLM IMEI Tool” on pc. After the launching, the tool will detect the COM Port automatically as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Type IMEI1 And IMEI2 in the blank area and then hit the “Write IMEI” Button from the tool.
Important : In case you have single SIM mobile then type the same IMEI number in both IMEI1 & IMEI2 sections.

  • At the end of successful IMEI flashing, it will show a green “DONE” message. That means, IMEI writing is done successfully.

  • Unplug the device from pc and reboot it for once. [ Reboot Is Must to apply the modifications]
  • Just after rebooting your phone, dial *#06# and confirm the IMEI status of the device.
  • DONE!!! IMEI flashed in your device using QLM IMEI tool.
Important Points To Use QLM IMEI Tool
  1. QLM IMEI Repair tool is only for Qualcomm devices. Don’t try it on any other chipset based phones.
  2. The device must be in ON condition at the time of flashing new IMEI number.
  3. Enable DIAG mode in the device to repair IMEI using QLM IMEI tool. DIAG mode enabling methods can be different for different devices.
  4. Don’t forget to reboot your device after flashing IMEI. It’s required to apply the modification.
  5. Never ever try to change the IMEI of the device. It may be illegal in some countries.


Q1. How to use Qualcomm IMEI repair tool at home?

Ans. Use of QLM Qualcomm IMEI repair tool is very easy if you know how to use it properly. Just remember these following important points and then start writing a new IMEI with Qualcomm B19 IMEI tool.

  • The phone must be Qualcomm chipset-based. Otherwise, tool will not work for you. For this, you can take the help of “CPUZ” software and it will show complete detail of your phone including chipset type.
  • DIAG port should be enabled before going to write IMEI number using any Qualcomm IMEI tool. There are multiple methods to open DIAG port on Qualcomm phones. Use the correct method and you are ready to go.
  • Methods to repair IMEI may be different for different Qualcomm IMEI tool. So, make sure you know the right process.

Q2. I want to download Qualcomm IMEI tool crack version, is it required?

Ans. On the internet, you can find several paid and free Qualcomm IMEI number writing tool. But in this post, we added the official QLM IMEI tool’s latest version which is completely free. That means, don’t waste your time finding a free QLM IMEI tool crack version.

Q3. What Is Best Dual Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool?

Ans. QLM tool has the capability to flash IMEI on both single and dual IMEI phones. The process is the same, you can flash both IMEI numbers at the same time.

Q4. Can I use QLM IMEI tool to repair IMEI of Jio phones?

Ans. As we already told you, latest QLM Qualcomm IMEI repair tool without box is a fully working tool for all android and keypad phones. But it should be a Qualcomm phone. With the help of QLM tool, users can write or flash IMEI on Jio Qualcomm phones easily.

Topics Covered In Article

  • The proper method to use QLM IMEI tool b19 ( Qualcomm IMEI repair tool B19)
  • The latest version of QLM IMEI Repair Tool-free
  • Write IMEI in Qualcomm phones without root
  • Dual IMEI repair Qualcomm

So guys, this is all about “how to use QLM IMEI repair tool to write IMEI number on Qualcomm mobiles?” Sometimes, it’s required to root your android Smartphone before IMEI flashing. But the best thing about this method is that there is no need to root your device to repair IMEI issues.

Simply download the latest QLM IMEI tool and flash the original IMEI within a few minutes.

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