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google Chrome

We all are living in internet world and day by day internet users are increasing .there are lots of tricks and techniques on the internet may be we are aware or not. Ok now I am going to show you an interesting game on Google chrome. We all are familiar about Google chrome .it is an internet browser. But do you that you can play a game on Google chrome without internet.Google has added an endless runner game into Chrome Canary.

    Hahah ! I am here for you. Just read it and show your friends. I am sure it will definitely interesting for you. OK what happen if you get disconnect at the same time you are using Google chrome. Have you noticed a T-Rex dinosaur shows up in front of you when your computer is not connected to the internet? This T-Rex dinosaur helps you to know that Google chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer is not connected to the internet.

unable to connect the internet

It is more interesting that this offline T-Rex dinosaur is just not an image. You can turn this T-Rex dinosaur into the interesting game. Just press space bar in keyboard and activate your Google chrome game. The T-Rex dinosaur will run and you can control it by using space bar .

chrome game

For android Google Chrome you just need to tap on the screen to start the game. Switch your network in airplane mode and give it a slot. Mission of the game is to prevent the running T-Rex dinosaur from crashing into saguaros. It is a JavaScript game and can play by disconnecting your device from the internet.

          I hope you will find it interesting .please share this trick with your friends.

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