Motorola E3 Power IMEI Repair Without BoX | Moto XT1706 IMEI Null After Flash Solution

Motorola E3 Power IMEI Repair Without BoX | Moto XT1706 IMEI Null After Flash Solution

Do you want to repair Moto E3 Power null IMEI [ EMID ] issue? If yes then this guide will help you to flash IMEI on Moto XT1706 model. This IMEI repairing method is very helpful for all Motorola MTK devices including Motorola E3 Power XT1706 Smartphone.

EMID null or IMEI null on Motorola E3 Power phone is very common error. Most of the time, you will see this error due to firmware flashing. Similarly, sometime this error comes due to corrupted software. Reasons may be different for different users but solution is same for MTK Motorola E3 Power XT1706 model.

If you are getting no service or no network on mobile then dial *#06# code from dial pad and check IMEI number status of your mobile. Most probably, EMID status should be null or invalid. Without having the correct IMEI number, you can’t make a call from your device.

Now the question is “how to repair IMEI Moto E3 Power XT1706 MTK without box?

If you try to search for IMEi solution, there are several free and paid IMEI repairing software are available on internet. So users are free to use any MTK IMEI tool to restore IMEI number in Motorola E3 Power phone.

But if you want to repair your mobile at your own home without going to service center then follow this guide. You no need to go anywhere to repair IMEI number of your device. We can easily write original IMEI on Moto E3 Power at our own home.

Moto E3 power was launched in 2016 with android Marshmallow 6.0 stable version. That’s why we can’t consider it as new android Smartphone. But till now many users are using Lenovo Moto E3 power Smartphone in their daily life. Out of the box this device comes with Mediatek MT6735P chipset, Quad-core CPU, Dual SIM support and 5 inches large display. These specification makes it popular in their own segment.


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About: Motorola E3 Power XT1706 IMEI Repairing using Free Tool

Brand : Lenovo / Motorola

Model : XT1706

Chipset : MediaTek / MTK

OS : Android

IMEI Tool : Free Miracle Tool v2.82 Without Box

Success rate : 100% working And Tested

Reasons Of Null IMEI [ EMID ] On Motorola E3 Power

Some users reported that are facing null IMEI or invalid IMEI after flashing stock Rom on Motorola E3 Power mobile. Actually, it’s very common for all MTK devices. Most of the time, Sp flash tool may erase or delete IMEI number of the device during the firmware installation.

Similarly, corrupted software is another big reason of null IMEI on Motorola E3 Power mobile. As a result, device will lost network connectivity. So it’s must to write IMEI again to solve unknown baseband issue on MTK Motorola E3 Power XT1706 android Smartphone.

About Motorola E3 Power IMEI Tool

As we already told you, we are free to flash IMEI on Motorola E3 Power using any MTK IMEI tool. But it should be compatible with the device. Some MTK IMEI tool requires the database file to restore IMEI and we can find it from stock ROM folder. Each and every MTK device’s firmware contains the IMEI repairing database file.

In other hand, we can fix null IMEI problem on Motorola E3 Power using Miracle tool. Miracle tool 2.82 thunder Edition can be use without hardware box to repair IMEI. Moreover, Motorola E3 Power Database file not required for this tool. That’s why we are going to use free Miracle tool as a Motorola E3 Power IMEI tool.

IMEI flashing with miracle tool is much easier in comparison of other Mediatek IMEI tools.

Download Moto E3 Power IMEI Repair File Zp & IMEI Tool

USB Drivers For Moto E3 power Xt1706 : DOWNLOAD

Moto E3 Power IMEI Tool : DOWNLOAD

IMEI Reaping Database File [ DB File ] : DOWNLAOD

Steps For Motorola E3 Power IMEI Repair Without BoX

IMEI repairing for any device is little bit different. Sometime, it can trick process for some device. But it’s not same for Motorola E3 Power mobile. IMEI repairing for Motorola E3 Power is straight forward. So any newbie or advance user can do it without any effort.

But remember, don’t try to change IMEI of Motorola E3 Power mobile. IMEI changing is illegal. Use the original IMEI of your device for flashing.

Instructions To Repair IMEI XT1706 uisng Miracle Thunder Tool 2.82

  • Download and install “MTK USB Drivers” on pc. Skip the step, if already installed.


  • Install “Miracle tool without box” and launch it on pc as administrator.

miracle 2.82 setup

  • Once the tool opened, you need to enable IMEI write option manually. By default this options is hidden for all Miracle tool versions. Press & hold “Ctrl” + “M” key key from keyboard and it will enable “IMEI (switched Off) & IMEI (Switched ON) option” for you.

  • configure the tool by following below steps.
“MTK” tab >> “Service” >> “IMEI(Switched Off)” >>> select “4th boot (Auto Connect)” >>>  tick mark on “factory” & “new” option >> enter IMEI1 & IMEI2 >>  tick mark on “Rebuild” & “Auto Checksum” option

moto e3 power IMEI repair miracle tool

  • After applying the above steps, click on “START” button from the tool.
  • Come to the device, remove & re-insert battery for once and plug USB cable quickly. [ Follow this step quickly after clicking on Start button. Otherwise, repeat the process again ]
  • If the device is properly connected with pc, tool will detect the device and IMEI flashing done within few seconds. End of the successful IMEI flashing, tool will show “IMEI Ok” message in log window.

estore IMEI moto e3 power miracle tool

  • Unplug device from pc, remove & re-insert battery again and reboot device normally.
  • All done!! Dial *#06# code to check new IMEI XT1706. Otherwise, insert SIM card and check network connection. This time it will not show any IMEI or no network error.

These are simple steps to write IMEI on Moto E3 power using Miracle tool. Simply download Miracle tool for Moto E3 power and restore IMEI within few simple steps.

Alternatively, you can use Maui Meta tool to write IMEI on Moto E3 power MTK phone. At the time of flashing on Moto E3 power Xt1706 using MauiMeta tool, you have to load database file.

Moto E3 power XT1706 IMEI REPAIR DB FILE

MAUI Meta Tool

  • Install USB Drivers on pc/laptop.
  • Launch MauiMeta tool.
  • Configure the tool properly.
  • Load Moto E3 Power DB File [Database file]in “change NVRAM Database File” section and restore IMEI again.

Read the detail tutorial on MTK IMEI repairing using MauiMeta tool and fix null IMEI in Moto E3 power mobile.

Out of the box Moto E3 power Smartphone comes with android marshmallow including limited features. Just because of its limited features, you can’t experience your device with potential. Therefore, you have option to root Motorola E3 power Xt1706 model. Read the below guide, get root access and apply the differnt android tweaks & tricks.

Root Moto E3 Power XT1706 Without Dead Risk

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