Method To Delete Mi Account | Remove Mi Cloud Account From Your Phone

Method To Delete Mi Account | Remove Mi Cloud Account From Your Phone

Here is a full detail tutorial about how to remove Xiaomi Account or how to delete Mi account permanently from your phone? Just read the post and learn an easy official method to delete Mi account permanently.

What Is Mi Account Or Mi Cloud account

Basically Mi account is a security feature powered by Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi user can create Mi account to secure their device from third person. Same as Mi account offer data storage option and user can sync their precious data with Mi cloud account. Most of time this feature allows user to take backup of mobile data when they switch to new Xiaomi phone.

As we all know, Xiaomi is the most popular android phone in all over the world. So Xiaomi has always concentrated on the security of their users. Pre-locked bootloder is the best example of it. In the starting phase, all the xiaomi or redmi devices come with unlocked bootloader but now they implemented bootloader locking with all latest Xiaomi phones due to security issue.

Mi account is another security feature of the device. User can create mi account with credentials and can upload or sync their complete data of the device. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi account offer the Mi cloud storage, Data Sync option, Phone finder, MIUI forum, Mi flash sale, Mi themes, bootloader unlocking and Mi games etc. This Mi account is highly rich and advance android security feature for all Xiaomi phone users.


  • Delete Mi Account from your phone.
  • Remove Mi account permanently.
  • Delete Mi Cloud storage data.
  • Delete Mi account before factory reset.

Drawback Of Mi Account

  • Is creating a Mi account safe? – Yes its safe but many of the people think that Mi account is not safe. Because of it’s provided by China Company and Mi phones get user details and send them to Chinese server. Xiaomi have full control on Mi account and they can steal your data like photos, contact numbers, mail and other account credentials.
  • If you have Mi account on the device then you have to put correct credentials to unlock the device after factory rest. Otherwise, you have to visit on service center. Sometimes its really very hard to remove Mi account without password.

Benefits OF Xiaomi Mi Account

  • Unlock bootloader of the Xiaomi phone [Mi account is must]
  • Mi account is must to Sync phone data like contacts, images, videos, messages, audio and audio recording etc.
  • Purchase any item from Mi store.
  • Use can find their lost phone, if they have Mi account with enabled phone finder option.
  • Delete phone data remotely from your pc.
  • Recovery data from active Mi account.
  • Migrate phone data to new device from old device.
  • Post threads and bug report to resolve the issues.

Now let’s start the process and see how it’s easy to delete Mi account [remove Xiaomi Mi account] from your own device.

Deleting Mi account and bypass Mi account, both are different tasks. If you have correct credentials of the Mi account then you can remove Mi account directly from your own device or pc.

In case, you don’t have Mi account password then you need to bypass Mi account without pc or using Mi account bypass tools.

Official Method To Delete Mi Account [Remove Mi Cloud Account]

Steps To Remove Mi Account From Your Own Device

This step is only for those users, who wants to delete Mi account from their own smartphone. Deleting existing Mi account is very easy and few minute processes. Reasons may be different for different users to delete Mi account from device. But if if you still want to remove Mi account from your own device, this is for you. Simply follow the below Mi account removal instructions.

Please Note: In order to remove Mi account from phone, existing mi account ID and password is necessary. Otherwise, you can’t access Mi account on your device. We published this method in 2018 and still it’s working in 2020.

  • Unlock screen lock, go to phone “Setting”, scroll down the screen and find the “Mi account” option.
Mi account
Mi Account Section In Phone
  • Enter into the “Mi Account” section and you will see the complete detail of your Mi account.
  • At the end of the screen, select “Sign-Out” option. Here it will ask to enter correct password of the existing Mi account.
Mi account sign out
Mi account sign out
  • Enter the password and log Out from Mi account. That’s it.

So here you can see, it’s really very easy to remove Mi account from your own device. After deleting Mi account, you can’t sync phone data with Mi cloud account. So make sure you are ready for it.

Method To Delete Mi Account Permanently

Sometime many users want to remove Mi account permanently because they don’t want to continue this feature. As you can see, above step can be use to delete Mi account from your device. But It’s not deleted permanently. You can login to Xiaomi Mi account anytime on your pc with your Mi account credentials. So if you really wish to delete Mi account permanently then follow the below steps as it is as shown below. It will delete your Mi account permanently including Mi cloud storage data.

Please Note: Permanent Mi account removing will erase all the sync data from Mi cloud account storage and you can’t recover it again. So do it, if you really wish to remove existing Mi account permanently.

Important: If you are going to delete Mi cloud account or Mi account permanently, then don’t forget to sign-out from your device’s Mi account by following above step 01. Otherwise, it will show error continuously.
  • First off all, visit on official website of Xiaomi phone. [Mi account delete page]
  • Once you are on login page, you have to login with the Mi account which you want to remove permanently. Enter Mail ID/Phone number with password.

mi account delete website

  • After successful login, it will show pop-up warning on the screen. Tick mark on “Yes, I want to permanently delete my MA Account and all it’s data” option and then hit on “Delete Mi Account” button.

delete my Mi account

  • As soon as you hit on “Delete Mi Account”, in next window it will ask you to verify the phone number or Mail address. Click on “Send” option to get verification code.

  • Check your phone message app, get verification code and submit the code to continue the Mi account removal process.
  • In the last step, click on “Delete Account” to remove Mi account permanently.

Now the Mi account removed permanently from Xiaomi account server and you can’t access without creating a new account. But in case you have forgot Mi account credentials and now unable to remove Mi account from your device then follow the below next method.

Bypass Mi Account Without Password [Forget Mi Account Password]

This is an another annoying situation. You can retrieve your account password, if you have that particular mobile number. But some time it may possible, you can’t retrieve the new password.

On that critical situation, Mi account bypass trick is the only one solution to setup the device again. Mi account bypass method can be perform using mi account tools and Mi account bypass trick. But main issue is that, tricks and methods can be different for different Xiaomi devices.

If you want to bypass Mi account without password then flash MIUI fastboot ROM on the device into EDL mode. It’s an universal method for all Xiaomi phones like Redmi 4/4x, Redmi 5/5a, Redmi note 5, Redmi note 4, Redmi Note 3, MI4i, Redmi Note 5 pro etc. It will remove Mi account permanently and can add new Mi account anytime.

Here we are listing some Mi account bypass related articles, read them and learn about it.

Q&A About Mi Account

*How to delete photos from Mi cloud account?

Ans. No need to delete MI account, if you want to remove photos or images from Mi cloud account.

Login to Mi Cloud >> select gallery > choose images that you want to delete by clicking on images >> click Delete Photo

*Delete Mi cloud photos directly from Xiaomi Phone

Ans. It’s an easier method to delete photos from Mi cloud account.

Open Mi Gallery App >> Mi Cloud Tab >> Select photo >> Tap on Delete >> Done

That’s all about to remove Mi account and delete Mi account permanently without any extra effort. Choose any above option according to your choice and delete Mi account officially.

Without any doubt Mi account is very useful built-in feature for Xiaomi users. But as we all know nothing is universal in this world. Just because of it many users want to remove or delete Mi account from their device permanently. So if you are also one of them who really wish to delete Mi account or Mi cloud data of your device then follow the tutorial.

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