Meizu 16Xs IMEI Repair | Fix Unknown Baseband Using QCN File

Meizu 16Xs IMEI Repair | Fix Unknown Baseband Using QCN File

Are you using Meizu 16Xs android Smartphone and now facing no network on your phone due to null IMEI or invalid IMIE number? If yes then you need to flash new IMEI on Meizu 16Xs mobile and we can do it with the help of QCN rebuilder tool.

Most of the time unknown baseband and null IMEI issues accrue because of invalid IMEI number of the device. Simple firmware installation can’t resolve invalid IMEI on Meizu 16Xs mobile.

If you try to search there are so many methods and free IMEI tools are available to write IMEI. But here in post we are going to use free QCN rebuilder tool for Meizu 16Xs Smartphone. It’s really very easy to write IMEI on Meizu 16Xs to repair null IMEI issue. After that your device will detect network and you will be able to make a call.

Now let’s see how to repair IMEI of Meizu 16Xs without box?

Important : For this method correct QCN file is very important. So make sure you are going to flash compatible QCN file for Meizu 16Xs mobile. QCN file may be different for different devices.

About : How To Repair IMEI On Meizu 16Xs Without Box

Brand : Meizu

Model : Meizu 16Xs

IMEi Tool : Free QCN Re Builder tool and QFIl Tool

Success rate : 100% working And Tested

Quick Introduction About IMEI Repair Using QCN Rebuilder Tool

IMEI repairing using QCN rebuilder tool is very simple and universal for all Qualcomm devices including Meizu 16Xs Qualcomm mobile.

Here we will use QCN rebuilder tool and QFIL tool for flashing. At first you have to create new QCN file using QCN tool and after that flash it on Meizu 16Xs mobile using QFIL/QPST tool.

Download Meizu 16Xs QCN File, QCN Rebuilder Tool And QFIL Tool

QCN File For Meizu 16Xs Mobile : DOWNLOAD

Free QCN Rebuilder Tool For Meizu 16Xs : DOWNLOAD


How To Write IMEI On Meizu 16Xs Without Box

For easy to understand we are splitting the complete process in different sections. So read all the instructions carefully and then apply it on your own device.

Video : How To Use QCN Rebuilder Tool To Create New QCN File

STEP01 : Download All Files And Tools

Download Meizu 16Xs QCn File, QFIL/QPST tool and QCn rebuilder tool from above download section and extract them on pc. Save all the files in one folder for easy navigation.

STEP02 : Install QPST Tool / QFIL Tool

At first install “QPST tool” on pc and then run QFIL tool or direct use QFIL tool. Its your own choice.

Please Note: QPST tool comes with installer setup and you have to install it on pc. After that you can run “QFIL tool” from QPST installed location. Otherwise, use the portable “QFIl tool”.

How To Install QPST Tool 

STEP03 : Generate New QCN File For Meizu 16Xs Using QCN rebuilder Tool

Now you need to create new QCN flasher file with the help of free QCN rebuilder tool. Follow the below steps.

Run “Rebuilder tool” as administrator on pc >> “Open File” >> Browse “Meizu 16Xs QCN File” >>> “Replace IMEI number with original IMEI Number” >> Click “Rebuild” button and save new QCN file on pc. We will use it in next step.

qcn rebuilder tool
qcn rebuilder tool

STEP04 : Enable DIAG Port On Meizu 16Xs [With or Without Root ]

Diag port must be enable on Qualcomm Meizu 16Xs  to repair IMEI. For this you can use DIAG port code [no root]  or may use adb commands [root required]

  • Enable USB Debugging & OEM unlock first.
  • Open dialer app and dial *#*#717717#*#* [in case code not working use adb commands]
  • Connect the device With pc via working USB cable

 STEP04: Restore Original IMEI On Meizu 16Xs Using QFIL Tool

  • Now run “QFIL tool” as administrator on windows pc.

  • Once the tool opened, click on “select Port” and select “DIAG Port”.

  • Next, click on “Tools” tab and select “QCN Backup Restore” option.

  • In next step, click on “Browse” button and load “new QCN file” which you have created in step03[By qcn rebuilder tool].

  • Finally hit on “restore QCN” to flash original IMEI again. It will restore original IMEI of your own device.
  • Done!!!!

Reboot your device after applying all above steps. Dial *#06# and check IMEI number status of the device. This time it will show original IMEI number of your device. That means IMEI write done successfully on Meizu 16Xs mobile.

In this way we can flash IMEI on Meizu 16Xs without any professional IEMI tool. Just download Meizu 16Xs QCN file, create new QCN file using QCN rebuilder tool and restore new created QCN file using QFIL tool. That’s it. It’s very easy for any newbie and advanced android users.

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