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We all know about photoshop software but everyone don’t know how to use photoshop software because its just technical and you have to learn more about editing with using adobe photoshop tools like the background eraser and an extract filter you can quickly erase complicated backround from image. but you have to know you are living in the internet world and you can find alternet of any work .skill is not required for every work but right place with information is necessory to complete a if you are looking a way to remove background from image then you are on right place .i will show you how to remove background from photo online.yes seriously its really very easy to remove background from image online without photoshop.

If you are selling stuffs online like eBay, amazon or even making presentations for your college and school you might want to use the images without background.same as if you are a website holder or webmaster then you can remove background from image to avoid copyright.

Here is a complete guide to help you to remove backround from image.check out all the method one by one and see how much its easy and interesting.

How To Remove Background From image without Photoshop?


In the above photo you can see we had changed or remove background of photo.

  • ok now choose first which photo or image background you want remove and hust upload that image on PHOTOFLEXER ,its an online photo editor to edit images we are just talking about how to remove background from image.
  • now click on Geek tab in the right corner of website.

remove background from image

  • now you will see an intelligent tool called “smart scissors” it is approximately same as Magnetic lasso selection tool of adobe Photoshop.
  • Ok now draw a boundary around the image to remove background from the image.

remove background from image

  • After draw a boundary on image now click on “Create Cutout” button and save your project ,that’s it.

Same as now you can remove background from image or you can separate your own picture from group photo.this cut-outs can be saved as a JPG or PNG file formate.use this free Fotoflexer service and change background of any picture .


Remove Background From Image with MS Office 2010/2013

In my view method 01 is very easy and good technique to remove background from image.but that method could be done online ,and internet is very important to complete the if you want to remove background from image without internet then this method will be very helpful for I will show you how to remove background from image by using MS office 2010/2013.yes its really possible by using ms office.

If you have word ,power point or Excel then you can remove background of photo. For this open your MS word and click on insert to add picture in new click on FORMAT tab and find out Remove Background under the Adjust group.

remove background from image

The program will try to find out automatically which part of image is background .its an auto intelligence of this programme.if you see something are missing then you can adjust it yourself. for this ,start by filtering the marker around the project.use mark are to remove and mark area to keep you will see background has been changed from your you are done ,click to can save it as a image or can save it as a document.


Now after reading this post you can remove background from image easily without Photoshop and we can say removing background from photo is not an impossible task.with one of tools above remove background from any picture quickly and easily with internet or without internet.

 If you are using any other online or offline method to remove background then don’t forget to comment us.

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