How To Fix TD Ameritrade App Not Working On Phone [ Android / iOS ]

Learn How To Fix TD Ameritrade App Not Working On  Android / iOS Mobile Phones

If you are a money investor and regularly use the stock market for intraday or delivery trading then TD Ameritrade app must be on your mobile phone. We can take position on any stock but it should be in the proper way. Updated news is always required to take a position in good stocks to make money from the stock market. For this, TD Ameritrade stock market app can be a good option for you. This mobile app helps users to monitor market fluctuations, data, keep eyes on latest news/rumors, research, trading tips, browse content and deposit funds with mobile check deposit. Because of its useful features, nowadays TD Ameritrade mobile app is a very well-known trading app and millions of users are using it around the world.

But as we all know, nothing is perfect in this digital world. Similarly, TD Ameritrade app has its own issues and errors like other software and apps. Because of this, you can also see the quarries from several users – TD Ameritrade app not working on iPhone and android phone. Similarly, “TD Ameritrade App Not Working on today” or “TD Ameritrade App notification Not Working” are other highly searched queries on Google search engine.

As known, many users use this trading app to check the latest data and news and its non working condition can bring trouble for many. So, we decided to share some tested solutions to fix TD Ameritrade trading apps not working issues. In order to get rid of the TD Ameritrade app stopped working problem, follow the below solutions one by one.

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Fix TD Ameritrade App Not Working In Android / iOS Phone

TD Ameritrade App is not working on android and iOS Smartphone is very common. Reasons may be different for different users but solutions are very easy to apply. Check out below listed solutions to deal with TD Ameritrade trading App Not Working error.

Solution 01 Use TD Ameritrade App Alternative

If you are in a hurry or don’t have enough time to fix TD Ameritrade errors then we recommend you to use its alternatives. Because of the competitive market, several similar apps are available that provides updated news detailed, in-depth information about the stock market trends, foreign currency and etc.

Otherwise, if you want to resolve an Ameritrade trading App not working error on iOS or android phone, follow the below solutions.

Solution 02 Check For New Update

Sometimes a new update is required to run any app without error. So, at the time of any error with TD Ameritrade iOS / android App, check there is an update available for it. Updating the app on the new version might also fix the TD Ameritrade App working issue. For a new update, visit the Apple store or Google play store according to your own device build.

Solution 03 Clear The TD Ameritrade App Cache And Data

Each and every platform stores the cache file to run faster. But sometimes, these cache files can also be a reason for slow processing. Similarly, these older cache can conflict with newer files. So, it’s always recommended to remove cache from TD Ameritrade App to make it work without any error. Let’s see how to clear TD Ameritrade App cache on android and iOS app/

  • Ø  Unlock screen lock of your device and open the phone Settings app.
  • Find the option Apps from the list >>>  select the TD Ameritrade App.
  • Now click on the Storage options and it will open a list with further options.
  • Again, click on the option Clear cache for the TD Ameritrade app or click on “clear data”.
  • Once done, reboot your phone again and check if the TD Ameritrade App has started working or not

Solution 04 Uninstall and reinstall TD Ameritrade on Android / iOS Phone

If the app is updated to the latest version and the app is still not working after removing the cache files then we suggest to install a fresh version of TD Ameritrade app from apple store [ for iOS ] and Google Play store [for android].

For Android Android

  • Open phone Settings section.
  • Select the Apps option and it will open the app list of your phone.
  • Select TD Ameritrade from the apps list.
  • Tap on the Uninstall button to delete TD Ameritrade from android phone.
  • Next, open Google Play store and find the TD Ameritrade app for download and install.

App uninstall process may also different for different devices.

For Apple iOS

  • Go to TD Ameritrade app in the app drawer and hold the TD Ameritrade app until it jiggles and displays the X sign.
  • Now, tap on the X mark at the top left of the app and then tap on “Delete” to confirm. It will uninstall apps from your iOS device.
  • Open the Apple App Store on your apple device and search for TD Ameritrade iOS app.
  • Now click on “GET” and install it on your iOS Smartphone.
  • Done!!!

After installation of TD Ameritrade app on android or iOS phone, re-launch the app and check the “TD Ameritrade not working issue”.

Solution 05 Change The TD Ameritrade App Storage Location

Low storage space or corrupted storage section might be a reason for not working. In that case, move the TD Ameritrade app from internal storage to external or from external to internal. Changing the app location also helped some users to fix the app not working issue. So, you should try it for once.

“Because of the new android security feature, users can’t install any app directly in external storage. For this, manual action is required. So, move the app into the external sd card manually.

  • On Open the Settings >> > navigate to Apps.
  • Find the TD Ameritrade App in apps section and select Storage.
  •   Again, tap on the Change button in order to open the Change Storage pop-up.

  • Internal shared Storage option to move app into internal storage or select the SD card for external storage moving.
  •  After choosing the desired location, TD Ameritrade App will move to the internal shared Storage or sd card and meanwhile will make you get rid of the said issue.

Advanced Solutions

Solution 06 Fix TD Ameritrade login not working

Always use the correct credentials for login into TD Ameritrade platform. Otherwise, the app might not work with the wrong TD Ameritrade account username and password. Assuming that you are entering the correct details and unable to login on TD Ameritrade app then retrieve your user ID and reset the password again.

Please Note: In most cases, if TD Ameritrade login isn’t working, you might not be entering the right login details.

  •  Open the TD Ameritrade’s login help page.

TD Ameritrade password reset page

  • Click on Retrieve user ID or Reset password option to get new login credentials for you TD Ameritrade trading platform.

Solution 07 TD Ameritrade security questions not working

If TD Ameritrade app is not working due to security issues or getting the TD Ameritrade security questions aren’t working then contact the TD Ameritrade app’s customer support by dialing emergency number 800-454-9272.

Alternatively, TD Ameritrade officially provides the official TD Ameritrade twitter handle to contact the customer support team. Contact the customer support team member through Twitter and they will ask some questions from you to verify the real ownership. After successful verification, they will provide you with your security question answer.

Recommended Solution: Instead of a web app, try to login into TD Ameritrade account using a mobile website. Here it will send an unique security code to the user via text message. So, now you no need to verify the security question.

Solution 08 TD Ameritrade streaming quotes not working

Mostly TD Ameritrade streaming quotes stopped working due to server outage. So, there is nothing to do for you. At the time of TD Ameritrade app streaming quotes not working error, it all depends on app’s developers. Just because it’s all about the backend server, stay online and check until it gets back to the server again. Alternatively, search for “TD Ameritrade App Not Working on today” and get the server issue news officially.

Without any doubt TD Ameritrade app is a leading stock trading app for android, iOS and pc. With the help of TD Ameritrade app, users can stay updated every time with the latest news, stock trading tips, and global news.

If you are a regular user of TD Ameritrade app and experienced an issue with its working, apply the above solutions one by one. Here we tried our best to include all common errors and solutions for TD Ameritrade application.

All the listed errors and solutions are tested and working by other TD Ameritrade users. I hope you will find this article helpful to fix the TD Ameritrade app not working issue.

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