How To Disable Post Revisions in WordPress?

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Do you know why you should disable post revisions in wordpress? If you have no any idea just wait we will tell you why it is important for you and how to disable post revisions in wordpress? As Google say “site speed can affect your search ranking” and you can lost your all efforts. We all know Search engine ranking is important factor to improve site traffic. It can directly affect your organic traffic. If you see there are lots of factors that can affect your site speed like image size, site java script, design of your site etc. in the same way there is one more thing, it is important to decrease the size of wordpress database by removing Post revisions.

        In other hand post revision is such a great feature in wordpress for some users but in the same way for some users it might not be the best option. If you are one of them who are using limited database or creating wordpress as a CMS, then you don’t need to use Autosave. Simply disable Post Revisions in your wordpress site by following this simple tutorial.

Myth About Post revision

It’s a popular wordpress myth that multiple of post revisions can down your site, that’s really not true. wordpress is the best CMS platform to design your money site as you want. You can design your site according to you by using thousand of wordpress plugin. It is an open source platform so you can edit it if you have knowledge about Coding. wordpress is written smart enough to ignore revisions while rendering the front end. But every post revisions take space in your wordpress database. All these revisions are full copies of your post. For example if you have 100 posts in your site that means you have few multiple of hundreds revisions copies in your wordpress database and that same copies are unnecessary part of your site. So these unnecessary copies can directly affect your site load speed and high loading speed can decrees your site rank in all search engines.

So it’s better for you to reduce the size of your wordpress database by removing post revision option permanently.

benefit of disabling post revision

  • Increase Site Loading Speed.
  • Increase performance of your site.
  • Delete unnecessary data from database.
  • Avoid WordPress Plugin .

How To Disable Post Revisions in WordPress?

Change The Time Period Of Autosave

open your wp-config.php file in wordpress and add the following code

define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 200 ); // seconds

define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false );

by applying this simple code it will disable all future revisions to be saved and will increase autosave interval from 60 seconds to 600 second. Now your post will be autosave on every 10 minute. Here you can change 600 with 300 .it means now autosave period will be 5 minute instead of every minute.

Note : Above code is useful to increase autosave interval .

So it is easy or Not!

Delete All Post Revisions in WordPress

Ok it is important to know that above code will not delete your past post revisions that are saved in your database. It will only increase autosave interval.

    If you want to delete all saved revision permanently then you need to add next code to delete all previous post revisions.

Login in your cpanel , visit to PHPmyAdmin and run the following SQL query.

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;

This code will disable and remove all post revisions from your wordpress database that were saved in the past.

Stop Storing New Post Revisions

You can also use one more code to tell your wordpress to stop storing new post revisions. Open your wp-config.php file and add the following code properly …

define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false );

If you have lots of post revisions in your site database then you can also use Bulk Delete plugin to delete all previous post revisions. But numbers of plugins can also affect your site speed so try to avoid plugins.


In this post be discussed about to disable post revisions in wordpress sites. As you can see there are three different methods to disable post revisions. You can increase autosave interval, can delete all previous post revisions and can also stop storing new post revisions.

  Delete all previous post revisions from your wordpress site and speed up your site loading time. It will definitely help you to increase search engines ranking.

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