How To Delete Venmo Account On Android Mobile And Pc

Methods To Delete Venmo Account On Android Mobile And Pc

Answer of how to cancel Venmo account? – Users can delete Venmo account by clicking on “cancel my Venmo Account” button from profile page when logged in pc/computer. If you are trying to delete Venmo account from mobile app then currently this service is not available for mobile app users.

Today we are going to talk on “how do I permanently delete Venmo my account” or “how do I delete my Venmo account from my phone”.  Actually both terms are too different from each other. We can remove Venmo account easily but it’s not possible through the mobile app. In short, delete Venmo account on phone not possible.

Another thing you should know that what will happens when you delete Venmo account? Just read the post carefully and learn each and everything including “how to permanently delete Venmo account steps by step guide?”

Currently lost of payment application are running but in the starting of payment transferring apps, Venmo was the most popular app which offers the convenience of transferring money in between two members. It supports both pc and Smartphone for instant money transfer and no matter if you are sitting at the same table or on other side of the country. But now may people want to delete this account because of many reasons.

Most probably, you may know that Venmo is a financial or payment mobile app that allows user to send or receive money. In current time, Venmo is owned by Paypal that makes it more reliable and secure in comparison of other payment services. With the help of Venmo account we can send or receive money to anyone without banking process. That’s why, this service gathered a massive user base in all over the world.

But as we all know, nothing is fix in digital world. Nowadays many different payment services are working like Google Pay, PhonePay, PayTm and PayPal etc. If you have found  an app you like batter or now not interested in Venmo app, you might be wondering how to delete your account.

Well, reasons may be different for different users to close Venmo account permanently. So we are not going into the deep discussion.

In this guide we will focus on what’s the process of Venmo account closing and what happens if you close the Venmo account permanently?

The process of removing Venmo account is very straight forward. if you are going to follow the guide, you’ll be able to close and delete your Venmo account within no time at all.

How To Close Venmo account On Mobile App

Most of the people use the Venmo account on their mobile for daily payments. Without any doubt Venmo mobile app is the easiest way to use Venmo services for money transactions. But when it comes to deleting your Venmo account, you can’t close it from mobile Venmo application.

What Will Happen If You Close Your Venmo Account Permanently?

If you have any fund or transaction in process then Venmo app will not close your account. Before going to close your account, you have to transfer all remaining balance to your linked bank account. Similarly, if you have any transaction in process then you can wait or refund it again.

Normally it takes few business days for process, but if you want instant bank transfer, venom will charge you a small fee. At this time wait for few days or pay the charges for instant fun transfer.

Another main thing is, you will no longer have access to Venmo app after deleting it. End of the closing Venmo account, you will receive complete Venmo account transaction history through the mail to check all the transactions for reference.

So make sure you have strong reason to delete Venmo account because after closing it you will not allow to access this Venmo app again. Just close all the running transactions and transfer all the remaining amount to bank account before closing the Venmo account.

Till now getting any issue to close or delete Venmo account permanently, you can contact Venmo support to get the issue sorted.

I hope now it’s very clear that what happens when you delete your Venmo account. If you are still want to close your Venmo account, you can proceed to delete Venmo account via the below instructions.

All Possible Methods To Delete Venmo Account 

Own Account : How To Completely Close The Venmo account

As we already said, you can’t close or remove Venmo account through the mobile app. For this you have to use browser on pc or mobile. Process is completely same.

  • Open browser on mobile or pc and visit on official site of Venmo. [ Link Of official Venmo website ]
  • In case you are not already logged in Venmo account, you have to sign in to your Venmo account by clicking on Log in.

Please Note: If you forgot the Venmo account credentials, then Venmo provides a handy link to reset your password. Reset your password again and then login with new password.

  • Transfer Your Funds : It’s must to know that Venmo never allows user to close their account, if it still have funds available or transactions in process. Here you have two options. First, return the funds to sender again before closing your account or transfer that amount to your linked bank account. If you don’t have any transaction in process or don’t have any amount in this account, skip this step .
  • Once you are into your account, click on “Settings” from the top-right of your screen or bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down the page and then click on the “Close my Venmo account” option.
  • After applying the above step, a new dialogue box will appear asking you to review your account and download the most recent statement. Just click on the “Next” button to proceed and download the statement.

close venmo account permanently

  • Again click on “Next” >>  click on “Close Account” option to close own Venmo account. After clicking close account, there’s no turning back.
  • Once you confirm the action, Venmo will send one final email to the registered address with your Venmo account transaction history and goodbye message.
  • Done!!! Venmo account closed now completely.

How to Delete a Deceased Person’s Venmo Account

If you are family member or responsible for a loved one’s digital assets after death then follow the below steps to delete deceased persion’s Venmo account.

Method01 Login-In : If you know the correct username and password of Venmo account which is related with deceased person then login in Venmo account.

Otherwise, use the “Reset Password” service to get username and password. In another case, if you are in charge of their entire digital legacy, you might be able to get into their phone. In that case, use the venom app to change the credentials. After that you can remove Venmo account from pc browser.

Method 02 Contact To Venmo Team

Unfortunately, Venmo doesn’t have any official established policy for family members. If above method 01 is not working for you or you are uable to retrieve deceased Person’s Venmo account credentials then call Venmo at 855-812-4430 to explain your current situation. Here they will ask you to provide the important documents like Photo ID, DOB ID proof and death certificate etc.

Related Topics

Q1 How do I delete payment or bank account information on Venmo?

If you really want to remove payment or bank account information from Venmo then it’s very easy. There is no any rocket science. Venmo officially allows users to remove from their history.

For this you no need to use pc or laptop. You can delete these information from the Venmo app directly.

  • Log in to the account through the application.
  • tap on the three horizontal bars.
  • go to “Settings” >> Navigate to “Payment Methods” >>> then tap on the “bank account” or “payment information” which you want to erase.
  • Tap “Remove Bank”
  • Done!!!

Q2 How do you delete transaction history on Venmo?

Actually, Venmo doesn’t allow users to delete transactions history. But you can make the payment history private.

  • Log into your account and go to “Settings ” >> This lets you navigate into the “Privacy” portion of your account. Then, adjust your settings.
  • Now you can only see your transactions details. With that setting, only you and the person you sent money to will see it.

These are all possible methods to delete Venmo account detail from Venmo mobile application. Just follow the above instructions and delete Venmo account easily.

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