How To Create XML Sitemap In WordPress?

 As we all know sitemap is very important for any website to index their all publish contents .if we try to understand it in a single line then we can say that XML sitemap is a bunch of document and it help to all search engines to find our website contents at the time of crawling .

  how to create xml sitemap

       Just go in early 2000s, when all government website used a link on their main page titled “Sitemap”. This page usually contained a list of all pages of the website. That was HTML sitemap. But now days, this sitemap converted in XML sitemap. Because now a day our target is search engines instead of particular now in this post i will tell how to create XML sitemap in wordpress. you can use this sitemap to submit on different webmaster tools like Google ,Bing ,Baidu and Yandex.

 Question in your mind:

  • What is Sitemap and why it is important?
  • How to create a sitemap in wordpress?
  • If I have a site then it is necessary for me?

If all these questions are in your mind or if you are newbie user then this article is very helpful for you to create XML sitemap in wordpress. Here in this article I will share all answers about sitemap with you. Just read and apply with your site or blog.

What is Sitemap and why it is important?

You can say sitemap is a protocol .whenever you write any post or article and publish it for world then sitemap of any website have to inform Google and all other search engines for crawling. Sitemap allow search engines to find all webpage links of your site. If you are not using sitemap for website then it is very hard to find your WebPages for any search engines.

What Is XML Sitemap ?

now you know sitemap is bunch of website links and XML sitemap is a way to tell Google and other search engines about your web-links ( pages those are exist on website).whenever search engines bot or spider crawling your site they index your all new updated pages automatically. Infect XML sitemap allow search engines to better crawl your website.

Why XML Sitemap is important?

sitemap is important for any website it is basically a SEO (search engine optimization) technique. When you write or post any article then sitemap allow search engines to index your site first. Remember one thing that adding a sitemap never affect search ranking. It provides you a way to index all WebPages in search engines automatically.

              Basically it’s very important for new websites and blogs. Because in the starting, it is very hard to create backlink for every pages and posts of your website. Without sitemap it is so hard to find your new updated pages for any search engines. Sitemap allow those new and old websites to inform all about new updates so they can crawl each and every post with more efficiently.

            In the same way if your site is popular enough , XML sitemap allow your site to inform search engines that how often your sites is updated.

How To Generate XML Sitemap?

There are so many website that can help you to generate XML sitemap of your website. Google recommends for sitemap.Just click on this link and visit this site and create your sitemap.

Create XML Sitemap In WordPress -By Yoast plugin 

if you are using wordpress than its one more advantage for can create sitemap in wordpress by using i told you in the starting of post you need to create sitemap to submit it on different webmaster tools to index your site on all search engines .

       There are so many tools or plugins to create a sitemap in wordpress. Here we are recommending you Yoast”s WordPress Plugin to generate a XML sitemap. This plugin is one of the most popular and user friendly and allow us to optimize our posts along with offering other features like sitemap, social integrations, gernal setting etc.

Step 01

To add a sitemap with your wordpress website, at first install WordPress SEO by Yoast is completely free to use and includes in top 10 wordpress my view nothing is better than Yoast plugin.

To install Yaost plugin login in your wordpress dashboard, go to Plugin section and click on “ADD New”.

add new plugin

Now we are sharing the entire thing with required Screenshots .follow all setting one by one.

Step 02 

Now type WordPress SEO by Yoast in search box and find out the Yoast plugin and click on “install Now” button to install the plugin.

wordpress SEO by yoast

Step 03

In this step click on “Activate Plugin” for successfully installation.

activate plugin

Step 04

After successfully installation now you will see one new section “SEO” in wordpress “SEO” section and click on “XML Sitemap” as shown in below screenshot.

xml sitemap

Step 05

Now make sure box is checked next to “Check this box to enable XML sitemap functionally”.if it is not ,then enable XML sitemap functionally by click in check box. If it’s already enable then ok.

Process    ——     SEO > XML Sitemap > enable sitemap functionally and save setting.

xml sitemap

When you enable sitemap functionally, wordpress SEO will show you a number of option .you can leave it default if you are not sure what to do with it. If it is blank then fill any number like 1000.and click on save setting.

Step 06 

Now right click on the “XML Sitemap” button and open it in new tab.


In new tab Your sitemap file should show a list of your post and pages and it will look like this.It’s mostly located at the root of your website for example:

xml sitemap

now your sitemap is ready to use on different webmaster tools like Google ,Bing,Baidu and Yandes.this plugin will update automatically whenever you will create any post or article on your website.

How To Inform About Your Site’s New Pages/posts to Search Engines 

if you are using Yoast and other SEO plugins then you no need to tell search engines to all about your new or updated pages or posts. Whenever you publish any contents on your site, a ping is sent to all search engines to inform them about changes in your sitemap.

Tell About Your Sitemap To Search Engines – Example

               here i am telling you how to tell about your sitemap to Google search Engine.After creating a sitemap we recommending you to submit your sitemap on Google webmaster Tool also. After submitting sitemap on Webmaster tool Google will show you all indexed pages, any errors and lots of other states that will help you to configure your site in better way.

Submit Site On Google Webmaster Tool: use direct link to login with your Google account.

verify site in webmaster tool

In this above screenshot you can see a “ADD A PROPERTY” or “ADD A SITE” red button on the top right side. Just click on “ADD A PROPERTY” button and write your website name and click for next .on the next screen you will be asked for verify the ownership of the website which you are trying to add in webmaster tool. There are several method to verify your ownership but if you are using plugin then it is so easy for you. Just copy HTML meta tag value and paste it in your WordPress SEO plugin ( SEO > General > Webmaster Tools> Google Search Console).

verify meta tag

In above screenshot you can find your HTML Meta tag, just copy and paste in your WordPress Plugin and save change.

meta tag verifaction in yoast

After save change now again come to your webmaster tool page and click on verify button. If all set good, you can see successfully verification welcome massage.

            Same as paste Alexa verification ID, Bing Meta tag in bing webmaster tool to verify your site.

After verifying your site in webmaster tool now your first task is to submit sitemap in webmaster tool .open webmaster tool dashboard and click on sitemap Colum and then click on “ADD/Test SITEMAP” button on top right side and provide your XML sitemap here. Your main sitemap will be just like this: .you can submit all sitemap one by on .but it will be good if you submit index.php/sitemap_index.xml alone. Google will automatically find all other sitemaps and crawl them itself.

add sitemap in webmaster tool

After successfully submission of your sitemap, it will show you pending. Sometime Google bot can take some time to crawl your data. Once Google bot will come to your site you will be able to see your crawl state and index status.

Important : Now configure your webmaster and most important visit your webmaster tool account at least once in month .as your site will be older day by day you will see more and more useful data here about your site. You will see how your sites look like in search engine.

At end of article we hope that I included all necessary topic about XML sitemap .if you feel anything is missing or I have to include in this article you can suggest us by commenting.

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