How To Change IMEI In Android Phone Using MobileUncle Tool


change android imei using mobileuncle

in my older post you can find how to change IMEI number of android phone [with root and without root].Now in this post I am going to show you full detail about “how to change IMEI in android phone using mobile Uncle apk”. Simply we can say we are changhing android IMEI with blackberry IMEI.dont very you can easily generate new blackberry (BB) IMEI number any time online.but remember use only valid BB imei number for you MTK device.after changing IMEI number if you are unable to fet network in your phone that means you are using invalid IMEI number.

Find Device number and IMEI number of Any Android Phone & Tablet

To start the process of changing (tweaking) android phone IMEI just find out your oreginal IMEI first.

  • Just dial *#06# on your android you can see your IMEI on your android screen.
  • To find device ID just dial*#*#8255#*#* [For some devices code not working]

Same as open your device back cover and remove battery from the back here you can see your IMEI .

if you don’t want to use any apk to change android IMEI then dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* on your android device.from here you can change android IMEI easily and you do it without root your device as well as without using any apk.its a simplest method to change IMEI of android phone without root.

If this code is working on your android device then click here and read METHOD 01 to read how to change android IMEI. But if this code is not working on your android then you have to move on different method.

If above code is not working on your android then you can change android IMEI using Mobile Uncle. Till now mobile uncle is one of the best app to change IMEI number of any android phone. This method does not require a pc; just install mobile uncle tool[IMEI Changer APK] on your android device/phone and change android IMEI with BB IMEI or any other valid android phone IMEI.

Features & Description Of Mobile Uncle App

  1. You can see all phone device info.
  2. Device information and running stats.
  3. You can open engineer mode and MTK engineer mode.( its our target).
  4. Change IMEI or backup IMEI for MTK device.
  5. Can recover online updates.
  6. Here you can crack operator GPRS lock for MTK device.
  7. Get free internet access via GPRS.
  8. Power GPS.
  9. Easy reboot to recovery.
  10. Can increase volume of android phone speaker

Now come to the point again and let’s see how to Change Android IMEI using Mobile Uncle.

Mobile Uncle Compatibe MTK Devices/Android & Requirement

  • You can Change IMEI of Mtk6589 device
  • You can Change Imei of MTK65XX devices
  • You can Change IMEI of Mtk6582 device
  • You can Change IMEI of Octa Core Mediatek phones
  • You can Change IMEI of Quad Core Mediatek phones
  • Valid android phone IMEI number or BB IMEI
  • Your android device must be rooted.

“ Read our older post “how to root android device with PC” and “how to root android device without PC”.

Don’t forget to vist our root section for more rooting guides

Here you can find many methods to rood your android device/phone. If you are able to root your android with mobile uncle then its good otherwise we recommended you to use FarmaRoot aap to root your mobile without pc. This is an oldest and 100% working root app.


Remember there are lots of methods and different version of particular root app on the internet .so make sure you are using right app with supported version to root your android device.

Recommended :-  FarmaRoot aap to root android phone without pc

Change IMEI In Android Phone Using MobileUncle – Video

donate car /car insurance root imei change

How to change IMEI In Android Phone Using Mobile Uncle app

Now read full detail tutorial to change IMEI in Android phone using mobileuncle tool. it’s really so simple technique to change IMEI of any android phone. let’s see…

  • Download and install mobile uncle app on your android device. Now Mobile Uncle is not available on Google Play Store.[ mobile uncle app]
  • After successful installation of mobile uncle now open the Mobile Uncle.
  • Click on “Get Start” to run the app.

mobile uncle tool

  • If it’s your first time a Pop-Up will be open – requesting root permission then just grant the request and continue below…………..
  • Backup is important – create backup of original IMEI by “Choosing IMEI backup (MTK)” option.
  • Now click on “MTK Engineer Mode” and slid your screen from right to left and select “CSD Information” under the connectivity tab.

changi imei using mobile uncle tool

  • Now select the “Radio Information” option.

mobile uncle radio information

  • If you are using dual sim android phone then you can see “Phone 1” & “Phone 2”.

Here Phone 1 is SIM 1 and Phone 2 is SIM choose the option to change IMEI with BB IMEI.

changi imei

Here we are choosing PHONE 1 to tweak/change IMEI for example.

  • Click on PHONE 1 , Now you will see AT + on the top of screen.

changi android imei number

  • Now type E after AT+ and remove it again.
  • After clear it, a dialoug box will be open – select AT+EGMR=1,71,””””

changi android imei number (1)

  • Now copy your BB IMEI (New IMEI) and paste it between [ ‘’ ‘’ ]

Ex- AT+EGMR=1,7,”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .replace the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with new IMEI.

If you are going to change IMEI second then use it as


android imei changer

  • Make sure you had put right value now click on “SEND AT Command”.
  • Now a notification message will be appear in front of you ,saying AT command is Msend
  • Now same as you can change both IMEI number of android phone.
  • Now you are done.

Restart your android phone .now you will see you had changed IMEI in android phone. Check your android IMEI again by dialing *#06# and Enjoy your new IMEI number.

Trouble shooting

While changing the IMEI of android device if you got any error or getting any response like “command is not allowed in user build” after hitting on “SEND AT COMMAND” .don’t worry. Just add one space between AT+ and EGMR. it will like this AT+SPACE EGMR.

Now again click on “SEND AT Command”. That’s it.

Final Words…………

This is all about “how to change IMEI in android phone using MobileUncle MTK tools” .in my view mobileuncle is the best way to change IMEI in any android phone but it required rooted android phone. So just root your android phone first and then change IMEI of android phone and use any app multiple times on your same android phone .by changing IMEI and device ID you can get unlimited referral money.

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