How To Apply Update From ADB [ Install OTA Updates Manually ]

How To Apply Update From ADB [  Install OTA Updates Manually ]

Probably you may know about OTA update which is directly related from android OS. Android OTA update also known as a Over-The-Air update. Basically it’s an official full name of OTA update. Official android OTA update is the only thing that android devices had right for a very long time.

By using this OTA update android users can update their android phone on latest android version without connecting the phone to pc. In short, no need to update android version manually. Very first time this feature was adopted by Apple for iPhones and now android using the same technique to push OTA update via notification.

It’s must to know that we can install OTA update manually but there is no any built-in feature or direct option from manufacturer. But users who receive the OTA updates often publicly share the .zip file of the update. And that can be install manually.

So if you have the zip file of OTA update for your device and want to update it, just follow the below simple steps.

Android Sideload OTA updates help you to install latest software on android instantly if they are not available in your country. In short, you can upgrade your device with latest version without official  update.

Important Points You Should Know About OTA Update

  • OTA update file must be in zip format. Don’t extract it.
  • Sideload OTA updates do not require an unlocked bootloader.
  • OTA update can be flash via stock recovery. Don’t try to flash it using any custom recoveries like twrp.
  • Manual installation of OTA update via stock rom doesn’t wipe the data of your device.
Methods To Install OTA Updates Manually

Before going to jump into manual OTA update installation process, make sure you have correct OTA update of your device. Don’t try to flash any other unsupported OTA file, otherwise it may lead to brick your device permanently.

Second main thing is, OTA update file can be use to update upgraded version on the device. In short, you can’t downgrade android version through the OTA file.

There are two different official methods to update OTA file. First is, install OTA update from recover mode and second is applying update from adb sideload. Both methods are working and tested. You can use any one according to your own choice.

Method 01 Install OTA Update From Recover Mode

Important: Any custom recoveries like TWRP recover or CWM or PhilZ touch etc might not work. Stock recovery is must to install OTA updates manually.

  • Download correct OTA update zip file and move it into external storage/ sd card without any folder.
  • Now boot your device into “recovery Mode” manually.
 Once you are into recovery mode, use the volume keys for navigation and power key for section.
  • Navigate to “Apply Update” option in the recovery mode. For some devices this option may be “apply update from phone storage” or “apply update from ad card“. Both are same options.
apply update from sd card
apply update from sd card
  • Now browse the phone storage, find the saved “OTA Zip file” and flash it.
  • Here it may take few minutes to install. In between the flashing process, your device may reboot several time. Don’t worry; OTA update installation will not wipe your phone data.
  • After successful installation, select the “reboot” option from the recovery menu.
  • Done!!!

Method 02 Apply Update From ADB [ ADB Sideload ]

Make sure your device is working on Stock recovery. Any other custom recoveries can’t install update from sideload method. Let’s see “how to manually sideloade OTA update on android phone?

When To Use Apply Update From ADB Function

As we already told you, this “apply update from ADB” function is available in recovery mode. So from here, we can flash OTA file to upgrade android version of the device. Check below points to learn when to use apply update from adb function?  

  1. If you are unable to access the normal screen but able to enter Recovery Mode.
  2. Android phone is acting up with unknown system errors. Fix them by flashing latest OTA update.
  3. In case Android phone is locked and cannot permit other operations with other tools/apps using computer.
  4. If latest android version is not available on your country or area. You can experience that version on your device. That means no need to wait for official OTA update.
  5. Update android version on latest stock ROM without losing data.

Step01 Configuration Tool And OTA File

  • Download “OTA Update zip file” and save it on pc and rename the downloaded “OTA ZIP file” as a [ Must ]
  • Download and install “minimal adb & fastboot tool” on windows pc. [ Download minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool ]
  • Download the “Platform tool” file and extract it on pc. [ Download Platform Tool ]
  • Now move file into platform tool.
platform tool and ota update file
platform tool and ota update file

Step02 Turn ON USB Debugging In Mobile

  • Enable USB Debugging by enabling “Developer Option”.

Step03 Install OTA Update On Device Using ADB Commands

  • Connect the device with pc via working USB cable.
  • Now go to extracted “platform tool” folder, press & hold “Shift” key + “right click” on empty space and select “open command window here” or “open power shell window here” option and it will open command window on pc.

  • Now execute the following command to reboot device into “recovery Mode”.
adb reboot recovery
Please Note: Check your phone screen. Here you will see a pop up message. Just click on OK option to “Allow USB Debugging”.allow usb debugging permission
  • Once the device booted into recovery mode, use the volume key for navigation and select “apply Update From ADB” option andpress the Power button to confirm the selection.
apply update from adb
apply update from adb
  • Again type the following command and hit enter to flash OTA update on mobile.
adb sideload

ota update flashing command

  • After successful installation, just select the “reboot System now” option to restart the device.
  • Done!!!! You have successfully flashed OTA update manually.

So guys this our manual Sideload method to flash OTA update on any mobile. In this method, select the “apply update from adb” from recovery mode and execute the adb command. That’s it. Simple adb command will flash OTA update without any issue. Method is completely safe but make sure you are going to apply OTA update exactly same as shown in tutorial.

In this way users can flash OTA updates on android phone without any issue. Both methods are working and 100% tested. Just download ota flashing file for your device and flash it by following any above method. Here we recommend you to flash ota file via apply update from adb function which is highly reliable.

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