3 Higher-rank plagiarism checker apps for android and ios users

3 Higher-rank plagiarism checker apps for android and ios users

Plagiarism is the biggest nightmare of a writer belonging to any niche, and checking plagiarism is the way out. Your fear is totally justified, and your precautions are appreciable.

What will you do if it appears in your text unceremoniously, despite acute preparations?

Given the overflood of information on the internet, it is obvious to get duplicate content in your text.

Reasonably, 30% of internet content is duplicate.

With that said, being a blogger, you would not like to get your website de-ranked due to plagiarism.

Likewise, you would not afford the luxury to have plagiarized assignments as a student.

For content creators and students, plagiarism is no less than a sin. It is a blunder, for it not only mars your creativity but also stops you from achieving your goal.

Instead of rewriting your text repeatedly, try using a plagiarism checker like Editpad.orgthat detect copied content for you.

To further compound your ease, you can use plagiarism checker apps for android and iOS.

What is a plagiarism detector?

It is an online plagiarism checker tool based on Artificial Intelligence to detect similar content. Trained by machine learning, this extrinsic software scans your text and compares it will bulk sources to find similarities amongst them.

A typical similarity checker checks the words, writing style, and semantics of your text. The alarm goes out if it finds any similar content.

Some tools only give a percentage or ratio of plagiarized content, while others indicate the sources with their URLs.

You have to use the one that caters to your needs since each tool has different value-added features that make it unique.

Why use mobile apps?

As you are living in this world, you have to face different unexpected and unplanned situations. Sometimes these scenarios can catch you off guard.

On the other hand, at times, you prepare yourself preemptively and outwit the situation.

Imagine you get stuck in a traffic jam, which is not vanishing anytime soon, and you have to submit your written article in a short time. What will you do?

Will you run to your place, turn on your PC or laptop to get your article checked by an online plagiarism checker? Or ask for some time till you reach your destination?

Neither hurrying to your computer nor making excuses is a good option.

The best possible option is to get an app of your favorite plagiarism checker,  whether you are using an android or ios smartphone.

Many Saas companies have gone out of their way to reach more people. This technique helped them a lot to build new clientele.

Arguably, a handsome number of people are using the internet through smartphones. According to Statista, mobile devices contributed to nearly 54.8% of global internet traffic.

Tapping the potential customers, these companies have earned significant profits. With that said, these have also helped people in many ways.

Here are some added benefits of using a mobile application of plag checker:

Easy checking:

Checking becomes easy and convenient with these apps, for people do not have to open plagiarism detector websites exclusively. Instead, they touch the app icon and start checking.

In this way, plag checking becomes super simple.

Cost reduction:

Everything perishable, including your time, has a cost. An android or ios app can save time and other resources, as you need not go to a specific place to access these tools.

For example, with a checking app, you can access it anytime and anywhere.

What are the three best mobile plagiarism checker apps?

Without further ado, let us discuss the best application used for plagiarism checking.


Apart from producing SEO tools, prepostseo has developed a plagiarism checker of its own. This tool is available in apps for android and ios alike.

It is suitable for those who want a quick way to know their content’s credibility.

plagiarism checker apps

Owing to its fast loading and plain design, it makes the arduous task of plagiarism checking relatively easy.

You can simply download it from the app or play store. Login with credentials, and there you go!

A simple interface with an input box awaits you to enter your text inside it.

You can copy-paste your text or upload it from your phone’s memory.

The best thing about this checker is that it also runs on your background, notifies you when it completes its work and generates a report.

It accepts different text types such as pdf, doc, txt files. Moreover, it gives a report of plagiarized, paraphrased, and unique content with their respective percentages. Not to mention, it also shows the matched sources with a rate of similarity.

Another feature that people like is that it saves your reports and retrieves your previously checked text. So, you can recover your mistakenly removed text in no time.

Android and ios users can download free apps, which check 1000 words for free. Besides, you can have a premium version, as it checks 15000 words in a month.



Plaglyplag finder app is also a good option for students, teachers, bloggers, and other professionals.

Plag checking apps are often handy, but plagly app gives a better user experience.

This app gives month to month subscription with charges, and a user can end up membership anytime. However, the user who wants to cancel membership must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the start month.

It detects plagiarism based on new technology NLP (Natural Language processing). It also has an option to get your grammatical errors fixed.

Plagly works on the mechanism of text comparison in which your text is compared with a vast database, and then it prompts similar content. However, id odes not give you sources of your plagiarized content.


Skandy Premium is a comparatively new plagiarism checker app that was launched a few years ago. Nonetheless, it gained much popularity among students as to its educational-based plagiarism checker.

Mostly, students use this tool to scan their documents against various sources like research papers, publications, and journals on the internet.

Notwithstanding its academic use, people from other areas of life leading various professional lives use it for the same purpose.

Initially is free to use, but its free checks are limited, as inherently, it is a premium plag detector that finds plagiarism on subscriptions. This app has different packages depending on the features you want to get, whereas the lowest one is ten credits.

The best feature of skandy is that it can detect duplicate content from a picture. Moreover, it can scan screenshots of text, pdfs, and other forms of non-editable text through its OCR technology.

Not to mention, it supports a variety of files such as:

Txt, doc, docs, RTF, pdf, jpg, png, Html, ppt, and many more.

It is simple to use, and you can register on it or can use it without registration.

Download the app from the store and continue using this tool without any hindrance.

Get your app:

This information may be valuable for you if you are a college university student or a content writer.

Most university students face the problem of plagiarism in their content. They have to carry the load of assignments. Often anxious about their overwhelming work, they end up writing similar content. While this exercise leads to severe repercussions for them, they do not find a way to get rid of it. Therefore, for them, these apps can be helpful as they can use them conveniently.

By the same token, bloggers get pissed off plagiarized content. Such content does not rank on Google and is often sidelined forever. As a result, their websites do not grow and remain stagnated. Because of these issues, they can use a plagiarism checker app to remove plagiarism from their content.

Hence, the apps mentioned above are valuable for your content, so grab the best one.

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