Turn Iphone Into Dual SIM Android Phone – Dual SIM Iphone Case

Hey Iphone user, it’s your time and now you can turn iPhone into dual SIM android phone. Yes, you heard it right. By just using an external iphone case you can convert any Iphone into dual SIM android phone easily. Mesuit is an e-commerece startup company and just launched this amazing iphone case to make it dual SIM inphone mobile.

If we talk about it’s features then we can see this iphone case comes with additional add on features like convert any iPhone into dual SIM android phone, increase iphone storage and increase iPhone battery life for better user experience.

Initially Chinese company Jijia Mesuit was trying to launch this iPhone dual SIM case in July last year but now dual SIM iphone case is available in india through Yehra.com. Now iPhone user can experience iOS and android together on any iPhone and can switch to any OS within a single click. Which means you can use android interface on Iphone easily.

Mesuit is the best and latest iphone gadget with perfect iPhone dual Sim solution. Till now iphone dual sim case is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S. It comes with a battery case with extra storage to increase your iphone storage and battery life. The case is actually a fully-working mobile device with its own modem and SIM card and it runs an Android based Mesuit OS 1.0 with an Apus Launch and access to android apps. Mesuit uses the iPhone screen and gets connected via lightning port and an app. switch between iphone OS to android Os with a single click.

Dual SIM iPhone Case Features & Measurement

The rugged smart Dual SIM iPhone case measures 160.5 x 70 x 5.5 mm. It has a textured back and a V-Shaped bump at the bottom. This Dual SIM iPhone case allows you to convert your iPhone into dual SIM iphone, you can attach external sd card to to expend iPhone storage, can increase iPhone battery life and also you can use android apps on iPhone.

  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case comes with extra 1700mAh battery.
  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case comes with extra SIM slot to turn iPhone into dual SIM.
  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case allows you to use android interface on iPhone.
  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case comes with inbuilt modem.
  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case comes with additional 16Gb storage.
  • Mesuit Dual SIM iPhone case comes with extra 7 hour talk time.

How To Use Mesuit iPhone Dual SIM Converter Case?

After lots of modifications, now dual SIM iphone case is ready for Iphone user to turn iPhone into dual SIM android mobile. There is no any rocket science to use this iPhone case that means you can attach dual SIM case with your own iPhone normally. Just connect your iPhone through the lighting port and download Mesuit app from Apple Store to configure dual SIM iphone case.

If we talk about it’s battery backup, it comes with 1700 mAh inbuilt battery to increase your iPhone battery backup. According the Mesuit Company this iPhone case gives you an extra seven hour of battery life. We think it’s a wonderful add on feature if you really want to convert iphone into Dual SIM android device. This iphone case contain 15GB of inbuilt storage to store extra media files like pictures, audio , video etc. As we told you this iPhone can turn any iPhone into dual sim android phone because it has an independent modem and SIM slot and it runs on Mesuit 1.0 android operating system.

It works on Apsu launcher and you can change this launcher in feture. After using this Dual SIM iPhone case , user can use the android interface on iPhone to access Google play services and also can download different android apps. Moreover Mesuit OS allows you to use two whatsapp , two facebook and two instagram simultaneously on same iPhone. Recently this dual SIM iPhone case is in experimental mode so till now its available only for Iphone 6 & iPhone 6S. if you are iPhone 5 user then you have to wait for some time. Iphone 6 & iPhone 6s user can buy dual SIM iPhone case from Yehra.com. Just pay Rs 99900.0 and turn iphone into dual SIM android phone. It’s really very amazing and innovative latest iphone gadget and it should be in your pocket if you are android lover but don’t want to leave your iphone mobile.

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