Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 – Enhance W10 Look

Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 To Enhance W10 Looks

Hey friends!!! Once again we are with another interesting article and today we are going to talk about top 10 best windows 10 themes or best windows 10 skins. Till now you are using default windows 10 theme, just forget it and use our best windows 10 theme to enhance your windows 10 looks and experience.

Latest new windows 10 themes will change your dull day to interesting one. Windows pc or laptops are part of our daily routine life. So it should be different because we are going to spend our whole with it. Everyone knows about w10 skins or w10 themes but no one don’t want to change it daily. Believe me guys, putting a fantastic theme on windows pc gives a very fresh look and it will change your work experience completely. Just because of it we personally recommend you to use some great themes for windows 10 pc and laptop.

Join us and get cool windows 10 themes to change your boring pc into a new one. No, we are not telling you to change any hardware of software of your pc. Just check the below listed best windows 10 skins and apply it to makeover your older w10 theme.

What is Windows 10 Themes & Skins?

Basically themes are the skin of your pc. By using windows 10 themes, user can customize their pc quickly that includes a gallery of desktop background picture, change menu setting, coordinating menu colours and can replace older system sound with unique system sounds. Every windows theme comes with lot’s of different customization and user can choose one of the best suitable theme for their pc.

If you are going to change windows 10 theme, it will changes the mouse cursor style, folder icon & colors, standard windows icon, desktop background  with new picture etc. Moreover, it will change the default icon style like my pc, recycle bin, my network place and my document folder etc.

Difference Between Windows Themes & Windows Skin

Probably Windows themes and windows skins are not a new word for windows users. Basically both windows themes & skins are same but they have very thin difference and I think you should know about it. Well, when we talk about the windows we always use the term “THEME” but if we are using any third party software to enhance W10 look, it’s known as “windows Skin”.

In short, any third party themes can be use in term of windows skin.

Important Points Before Use The Custom Theme

Check Windows 10 Skin Compatibility With Pc

Before going to apply any below listed cool windows 10 third party themes or skins, make sure it’s properly compatible with your windows 10 version. Don’t forget to check compatibility with your version of windows 10.

How to check Windows 10 Build Numbers?

  • Press windows logo key + R from your keyboard. A new dialogue box will appear in front of you.
  • Type or paste “winver” in dialogue box and hit enter.

Patch System To Install Windows 10 Theme

It’s really must to patch your system to install third party windows theme. If you are not familiar about it or don’t know how to install third party windows theme on windows 10 then do Google about it or visit on this link.

In this article, we bring you best 10 cool Windows 10 themes/skins for your PCs and laptops. We tried to describe more about the listed top 10 best windows 10 themes / skins including download links and screenshots. Read all about the windows 10 skins & themes and choose fresh windows 10 theme for your own pc or laptop.

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Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 – 2019

Mac OS X EI Capitan 45 MB Download
Ubuntu SkinPack 26 MB Download
StartIsBack 2 MB Download
Diversityx VS 1 MB Download
Aero Glass 2 MB Download
Vanilla 5.8 MB Download
Silk Them 15 MB Download
Stardock Start10 34.16 MB Download
Flattastic Theme 662 KB Download
Oxford Download

ADDON : FootPaths Theme

Mac OS X EI Capitan Windows 10 Theme Free

Name of this w10 theme says everything itself. This theme is one of the best theme for windows 10 to experience the Mac OS X in any windows 10 pc or laptop. Mac OS X EI is the #1 cool windows 10 skin 2018 that offers you the complete experience of Mac desktop on windows pc. If you are Mac OS lover then this theme is perfect for you. Mac OS X EI theme is highly recommended for windows 10 users.

Download Mac OS X EI Capitan windows 10 skin and install it on your pc and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Highlight Of Mac OS X EI Capitan Theme: Change look and interface of windows 10 pc exactly same as Mac Os.

Ubuntu SkinPack Windows 10 Skin

Ubuntu SkinPack

Ubuntu is also operating software [OS] for PCs. But many of users really don’t know about it and never used this fantastic pc operation software. Till now want to experience the Ubuntu oS features without changing your window 10 OS then this them is for you. User can experience Ubuntu operating features and options on their w10 by using this wonderful Ubuntu skin.

Moreover, use can customize the different options such as theme color, keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures etc. So if you want feel Ubuntu features on your existing windows 10 then Ubuntu w10 skin is one of the best theme of 2018.

Highlights Of Ubuntu SkinPack Windows 10 Skin:  Experience the Ubuntu operating software functions and interface on windows 10 without installing Ubuntu OS.

StartIsBack w10 Theme 2018

Stardock Start10

Have you updated your windows OS 7 to windows 10 and now missing the windows 7 features? If yes then download and install StartIsBack w10 Theme on windows 10 to change it’s look as windows 7. StartIsBack w10 Theme is wonderful theme of 2018 which allows user to experience windows 7 features on windows 10 in an easy way.

Use familiar windows 7 features without changing your operating software. No need to downgrade your pc OS to experience windows 7. It’s a #1 windows 10 theme of 2018 for windows 7 OS lovers.

Highlights Of StartIsBack w10 Theme:  StartIsBack windows 10 Theme allows user to experience windows 7 features on windows 10 in an easy way.

Theme For Window 10 Diversityx VS

Diversityx VS is another great theme to enhance Windows 10 look. Best thing is that Diversityx VS theme is highly recommended by windows 10 community users. Many windows 10 users shred their wonderful experience about the Diversityx VS windows 10 skin.

Diversityx VS windows 10 custom theme offers an amazing classic look to your windows 10 based pc or laptop. Dark and cool glassy transparent interface is the main reason of it’s popularity. Best thing is that Diversityx VS custom skin is very useful who work in the night. Seriously it’s very cool theme for windows 10 users.

Peoples, who love the Diversityx VS interface, install Diversityx VS theme and enjoy the Diversityx VS interface on windows 10 pc.

Highlights Of Diversityx VS Theme: Best thing about Diversityx VS themes is that it’s very helpful in night work. Diversityx VS have classic look with customizations.

Aero Glass W10 Skin

Aero Glass them is another cool windows 10 theme of our list. If you are trying to find a transparent windows 10 theme, Aero Glass theme is here.  We can consider this theme as a most beautiful look theme for windows 10 pc. Change the theme interface of your window 10 as Aero Glass with this theme.  It will give a transparent glassy look to your screen that looks so beautiful.

Vanilla Windows 10 Theme

Another best theme for windows 10 is Vanilla Theme. If you really don’t like the vibrant colour theme and want to apply any simple, beautiful and clear theme, with a blue sky with clouds (Windows 10 native visual style) in the background then Vanilla Windows 10 skin can be a good choice for you.

vanilla theme

Uniqueness of this theme is that it comes without border or we can say it’s borderless windows 10 theme. It’s similar as any online cloud services.

Download Vanilla theme for windows 10, install it and enjoy the clear and elegant look on windows 10 pc. You should try it for once.

Highlights Of Vanilla Theme: Vanilla theme is borderless transparent windows 10 custom theme.

Silk Theme For Windows 10

silk theme

Our next theme is Silk. As it name, it looks so beautiful with windows 10. Use the Silk theme on your windows 10 pc and change your boring screen to an attractive notebook and make it more appealing and colourful.  User can customize it easily to change it’s looks and colour.

It allows you to arrange your windows and opened folders in a way such that they appear like a handful of cards fanning out on your screen in a beautiful cascading effect, one after the other.

Best Part Of Silk Theme: User can change it’s colour according to their own choice.

Stardock Start10 Windows 10 Skin

Stardock Start10 is another custom theme for windows 10 OS. We are listing this theme in the last of our list that no means it’s not good. Stardock Start10 theme is also a fantastic and one of the best windows 10 theme.

Best thing about Stardock Start10 theme is that it includes the windows 7-style start menu with windos 10 enhancements. That means, user can enjoy the windows 7 features, interface including windows 10 features. It’s fully customizable and you can customize different options according to you.

Use the Stardock Start10 theme on windows 10 pc and customize it’s features to experience it on your pc or laptop.

Highlights Of Stardock Start10: Stardock Start10 theme have a windows 7 style start menu.

Flattastic Theme For Windows 10 OS

Flattastic theme is another best windows 10 skin or theme for them who wants to experience their older windows 8 version on windows 10. Flattastic theme comes with dark and beautify interface with elegant look. If you are missing windows 8 and love the dark interface then Flattastic theme is for you.

The Flattastic theme gives a minimalistic look to your windows 10.

Highlights Of Flattastic Theme: Experience the windows 8 interface on windows 10 using Flattastic best windows 10 skin.

Oxford [Simple Windows 10 Theme]

oxford windows 10 theme

If you are looking for something new, fresh and simple windows 10 theme, Oxford custom theme is best for you. Oxford is one of the best theme for windows 10 os based pc and laptop. It’s completely different from other sophisticated themes like it’s a pure simple and user friendly interface. No want to more customizations and love the best user-friendly windows 10 theme then go with Oxford windows 10 skin without any issue.

Highlights Of Oxford Theme: Pure simple, easy to customization features are key features of this windows 10 custom skin.

Best Windows 10 Theme Suggested By Visitors [FootPaths Theme]

This theme is totally different from above listed windows 10 themes. It’s totally based on taste of users. If you are one of them who loves the nature and want to keep yourself around the nature, Footpaths theme or skin is for you.

Nature lovers will definitely love this theme. This theme gives images of country lanes, wooden stairs, forest trails, and other scenic paths. Moreover, this theme offers the eleven HD wallpaper of nature for windows 10 that will enough to change your windows 10 experience.

Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 – 2019

Final Words

That’s the complete list of top 10 best windows 10 themes 2018. Use one of the windows 10 theme from above list and enhance Windows 10 Looks & experience. It will help you to encourage to spend more time with your machine. That means you can focus on your work more effectively.

Finally thanks to all visitors and readers of our site. You all are the strength of family. Keep visiting here for more updates. Please don’t forget to share your experience about the post in below comment section.

Your comments and suggestions help us to make it more effective and encourage us for more hard work.

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