Rugged AKM skin PUBG Mobile Trick Using VPN

Rugged AKM skin PUBG Mobile Trick Using VPN

Hey PUBG gamers, once again we are here with amazing new PUBG mobile trick 2019. In this post, we will show you how to get free AKM skin free or with uc.

As we all know we can get PUBG rewards to get free Outfits, pan skin, gun skin and car skin etc but if you are in India then there are limited options to get these items. But you can buy these type opf PUBg mobile rewards from different countries. For this purpose, we have to use free or paid VPN service to use different countries server.

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Now come to the point and leats see how to get PUBG mobile rewwrds or free Gun skin like rugged AKM skin using vpn?

If you are willing to get this Rugged orange AKM gun skin by using VPN then you have to use Germany Server. In short, connect the VPN with Germany server, open PUBG mobile and buy AKM gun skin free or for limited time period.

Different VPN Service Apps / APK

AC Market




How To Get Rugged Orange AKM SKIN In PUBG Mobile

Rugged Orange AKM Skin Depend On Your Luck

  • Download and install free VPN on mobile
  • Connect the vpn with Germany server. [ MUST ]
  • Now launch PUBG mobile [ Make sure you are already logein]
  • Go to “Shop” option.
  • Open “Treasure” option.
  • Click on “Reward box” .
  • Here you have to buy with 20UC.
  • Done!!!

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