RozDhan App : Money Earning App – Get 50 Rs Instantly

RozDhan App : Money Earning App – Get 50 Rs Instantly

Hey guys, once again we are here with another money earning app of 2019 and now we are talking about RozDhan app. If you are our regular visitor of our site then you may know that we already posted many other articles on different money earning apps.

In the series of best money earning app, we are introducing a new RozDhan money earning app by which you can get free 50 Rupees instantly without any extra effort.

RozDhan app is another legit money earning app to earn 50 Rs cash at the time of signup and 5 Rs for each and every refer.  If you try see, RozDhan app have more than 5 lac download and installation and everyone is earning daily cash from this wonderful app.

Many of my friends are already using this app to generate some daily extra money. Best thing about this RozDhan app is that it allows users to earn daily RozDhan coins which is convertible in real cash.

As we all know there are so many apps on Google play store but problem is that many of them are fake and they never payout after completing the tasks. At this time, its not for RozDhan app. RozDhan app is 100% working and tested by us, so you can also use it without any issue.

RozDhan app money earning structure is very simple and interesting. Just install RozDhan app from here to get instant 25 Rupees cash and then use RozDhan app referral code [ 06JFTJ] to get next 25 rs cash. In this way, you will earn real 50 Rupees instantly.

Moreover, there are many other tasks and features to earn more RozDhan app coin. For example, Daily check in, article sharing, profile submission and refer program etc. Each and every task will pay you RozDhan coins and these coins will convert in cash after 12 at mid night.

So if you are a student or want to earn money online, we highly recommend you to use RozDhan app to earn extra handsome money. After earning, you can redeem these coins by PayTM or internet banking.

Install RozDhan app For 25Rs + Enter Refer Code For 25Rs + 5Rs For Per Refer + Daily Check in + Article Sharing

So if you are interested then follow the below step by step guide to get 50Rs instantly.

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How To Earn Money By RozDhan app

Earning money from Rozdhan app is very easy because each and every task is properly described by developers. Here you can earn real cash and coins by completing the different tasks like daily check-in, profile editing, signup cash, article sharing etc.

Check below steps to earn all reward money and coins.

Step01 Earn 25Rs Cash By Signup

  • Download “RozDhan app” from here.

  • After successful download, install and launch app on your mobile.
  • Here it will ask you to choose your preferable language. Choose your desired language and then click on “Earn Money” Tab at the bottom of application.

  • Simply “Signup” in “RozDhan app” by using “Phone Number” or “Facebook” or “Gmail”.

Note: After successful login, you will get 25Rs as a signup bonus.

Step02  Earn 25Rs Cash By Entering Invite Code

  • Now click on “Enter Invite Code” from “Earn Money” Section and enter the below code to get 25rs cash.

Please Note: Invite code is must to to earn next 25Rs. Without invite code, you will not receive 25rs cash. So use the below invite code for rs 25.


Step03 Earn 1500 Coins By Invite Friends

  • Click on “Invite Friends” option from same “Earn Money” Section to get free 1500 coins.
  • Users can share their invite code on different social platforms like “Whatsapp”, “Messenger”, “Text MSG” etc.

Tips: Share the refer link as much as you can to earn refer bonus.

Step04 Get Free 200 Coins By Edit Profile

  • Click on “Edit Your Profile” from “Earn Money” section, enter the basic profile detail and get 200 coins instantly.

Step04 Earn Coins By Sharing Articles

  • Click on “Share Articles & Earn Coins” option and share any article with your friends or family memebrs to earn extra 100 coins.

Step05 Earn 100 Coins By Read The FAQs

  • This is another way to earn 100 Rozdhan coins. Just read the all FAQs and earn eatra 100 free coins.

Step06 Get Rendom Coins By Daily Check-in

  • Daily login into RozDhan app will also give you random coins. Moreover, every 4th day you will get extra 200 coins.

These are the details to get free Rozdhan coins and real cash.

What Is RozDhan App Coin Value System

As we already told you that Rozdhan app will pay net 50 Rs after successful signup and entering the Invite code [06JFTJ ]. It’s a real money which you can redeem from Paytm app.

But RozDhan coin has their own unique coin value system. Just complete the tasks to earn coins and the app will convert your earned coins into real cash at after mid night.

RozDhan Coin Value

250 Coins = Rs 5

For Example, if you earned 1250 Coins today, it will convert in real money at mid night and the value of 1250 coins will be 5Rs.

How To Payout From RozDhan App

Payout system of RozDhan app is very easy and clear for everyone. Before going to payout, its must to know that threshold money is 200Rs. Once you have, 200Rs in “RozDhan app account”, simply follow the below steps to withdraw amount in PayTm wallet.

  • Open “RozDhan App” on your mobile.
  • Navigate to “Me” tab.
  • Just click on “WithDraw Balance” option.
  • Attach your Paytm account and click on “Withdraw” option to receive money directly in your paytm account.

This is all about money earning app – RozDhan App. Here we tried our best to describe each and every thing as much as possible. Just download & install the app, enter the Rozdhan App Referral Code to get instant 50Rs real cash. Moreover, complete the all available task to get free reward coins and convert them in real cash.

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