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Ok, are you looking to improve search engine ranking? Do you know How to improve search engines ranking? There are lots of questions like this all around the online world and everyone wants to improve their site rank. If you look back in the good days of search engines, you were able to improve search engines ranking easily with any type of contents. In the past you can create backlinks for your site by commenting on any type of website. But now search engines are using a very highly programmed algorithm and consider only quality backlinks (comments only relevant niche websites).Massive backlinks to a site is no longer the best and fastest way to improve search engines ranking.

Two Most Important Factors To Rank Up In Search Engines

Quality Content : As I told you massive backlinks are not enough to improve search engines ranking. That’s no mean I am against of backlinks. Backlinks are good if they are organic backlinks. But it is a tiny part of process of ranking up in search more how to improve search engines ranking?

content is king

Try to understand search engines only works to serve best of best relevant data to their user. Because without their users, they are nothing. So they try to process only best websites on their top page. This is why every search engine always changing and tweaking their search engine algorithm. For example Google recently in April 2015 changed their algorithm and ranked high those sites are mobile friendly websites.are your website is ready for Google’s mobile friendly algorithm? It affects lots of websites those are not mobile friendly. Its different factor but Content is King! No one can’t beat you if you are serving best of best and valuable content on your site. Search engines always lift up unique, fresh and valuable content.

       So now I think you much clear that you need to keep the search engines users in your mind and write for your users not for Search engines .by this Automatically you will found yourself on the top of search engines. If you are not doing this, then you are going to struggle a lot trying to improve search engines ranking.

       Few years ago it was easier to improve search engines ranking with low quality content because of low rate of competition. Now a day’s internet is booming and everyone has their own website and same time search engines are getting smarter and smarter to only reward Quality content!

        If you want to improve search engines ranking then don’t think about how many backlinks you can have anymore. Focus only to write quality content and that will make quality backlinks for you and that’s a best way to get organic backlinks. If you will think a lot about backlinks, when trying to rank up in the search engines, you are already losing the battle here!

Ok now just think when you find any valuable, unique and rich information article or website, what you most likely to do?

  • Mostly you bookmark that website or page.
  • You are most likely share that page with your friend or with your community.
  • You are most likely recommending that page on your own website or blog for more information.
  • Quickly you leave comment on that website for backlinks.

Yes second most important factor is Social Networking sites to improve search engines ranking. It is directly related with your content quality. If you are serving quality and valuable content on your site then your popularity will be increase in all social networking sites. When any user will visit your site and feel to share it on networking sites, that means your contents are useful and valuable for users. It helps you to make strong your domain authority.

     So social networking sites help you to share your content with your users and you can make relations with them easily. Every time when you post any topic then don’t forget to share it with world. As I told you that search engines using highly algorithm to rank up in search engines. Their algorithm also work on it that how many users are talking about your website or blog and social networking sites are authentic source for them to get information about your website. if many of people are talking about your site that means you are presenting valuable information for relevant users.

When a page gets lots of shares and comments then search engines algorithm indicate that how much your website is important and valuable for users?You can see you daily search ranking in Alexa toolbar and can compete with your how to improve Alexa ranking?

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This is why working harder on the quality of your contents is very important. Always try to write unique, valuable and quality content on your site and keep in mind what your users want to read? By using these tips you can improve chance of sharing and comments and directly you can build quality backlinks and can improve search engines ranking. It is highly recommended that forget about backlinks and spend more time and energy to serve best of best contents from you. It will help you to get more social shares and social share will help you to drive more traffic on your site and traffic will help you to get more comments on your site.

       After that you can see you are improving search engines ranking automatically.

These are two most important factors to rank up in search engines.

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