How to Pass Microsoft 70-483 Exam and Attain MCSA: Web Applications Certification with the Help of Prepaway Resources?

How to Pass Microsoft 70-483 Exam and Attain MCSA: Web Applications Certification with the Help of Prepaway Resources?

When I set out to attain MCSA: Web Applications Certification,I had no idea of how to go about it. I choose to pass exams 70-483 and 70-486, and it was very hard for me to get started. However, I was willing to learn and in the long run, I excelled. Below is the story of my success: I’m going to tell you about the materials I used and why you have to visit Prepaway website.

My college mates had told me how beneficial it is to pass the Microsoft 70-483 exam. They constantly bragged about how knowledgeable they had become after passing this test, telling me all sorts of reasons why I should take it too. As a matter of fact, I could see that whatever they said was true. The individuals I had graduated with all of a sudden knew more than me despite having started our careers at the same time. Even after seeing all that, I did not take the exam serious until the point when I needed to apply for a new job and the certification was a key requirement. I made my application despite being aware of the requirement. At the back of my mind, I thought that this is just one of those barriers put in place to discourage a high number of applications, little did I know that it was serious. I barely crossed the first phase of the interview process since me and many other applicants were kicked out, leaving just a handful of competitors for the job.

On my way back home, I knew what I wanted. I was determined that this day would not pass before enrolling for the exam. The day never passed. And here I am, telling you of how easy it was to pass something I kept postponing.

Microsoft 70-483 requires utmost dedication

Do not be deceived by the fact that I claim I passed the exam in an easy manner. You will need to put in a lot of effort to excel in this test. It may be structured in a way that the candidates think it does not include many details, but that is far from the truth. From a general perspective, Microsoft gives you an exam overview that includes very few details. You will be told of how the questions are categorized in just four sections. That is true. But each of these sections is further split into numerous subcategories that need detailed studying to pass. Hence, the students would have to undertake intense studying.

As you get ready to take the test, here are the sections from which questions asked will be sourced:

  • Creating and Using Types
  • Implementing Data Access
  • Managing Program Flow
  • Debugging Applications and Implementing Security

All these sections are divided into equal percentage weights of 25-30%. That means each section will contribute an equal number of questions to the main exam. Personally, I found questions touching on security implementation to be the toughest. Even during the preparation, there were times I had to get out of my study desk and take a few walks when some concepts could not be well understood. To be on the safer side, you may want to dedicate a considerable amount of time on debugging applications and implementing security. In particular, make sure that you are aware of how to manage assemblies, validate application input, implement app diagnostics and perform encryption (symmetric and asymmetric).

Focus on practical skills

A major mistake that the candidates for this exam make is to cram. Microsoft is not interested in your cramming power. The main goal here is to gauge how advanced your skills are with regards to programming in C#.

I needed to have the skills so that I could have an edge over the other candidates. This led me to the use of video tutorials. This is a resource that proved most useful in that it gave me a deeper look into the 70-483 exam long before I sat for it. Video tutorials provided by the Microsoft Virtual Academy were the most useful.

During my preparation, I also turned to the exam dumps. I found-pretty decent dumps at the Prepaway website and took as many questions as I could. This was a great workout because I started to understand what is expected of me on the exam. The dumps from Prepaway are convenient to use – you only need to download the VCE software and you are ready to go. So, you can go to Prepaway and download exam dumps from here if you are interested in passing 70-483 exam on the first try.

Throughout all these, I had a notebook to write each technical information encountered. There were also times when I used OneNote. Technical information comprises of anything that is read and is associated with the exam content. A key factor to remember is that noting each content does not imply that it would be in the main exam. However, I choose to live each work day as though I am undertaking an exam. Therefore, if I do not meet it in the exam, I will still meet it somewhere in the course of my life.

Practice and more practice were instrumental in helping me pass the Microsoft 70-483 exam. I did two types of practice: exam practice and technology practice. If there is any certification test I have ever undertaken and it needed a lot of skills, it must be Microsoft 70-483. Any person who has ever sat for the test without prior understanding of code most definitely ended up failing. Whereas the notebook was for recording some technical information, I used OneNote for noting down codes for various topics. This gave me some kind of organization. It allowed me to know where to look for when I needed coding information and where to turn to for theoretical content. The essence of coding skills is even emphasized by the exam requirement – you must have programming experience using C# of at least one year.

Was the exam worth it?

Yes, it was. By the time I neared the end of my preparation for the exam, I had gained a whole new set of skills that I never had before. I became effective at handling errors and exceptions, as well as managing the program flow. I would have never earned these skills without the 70-483 certification test. I also managed to move to a new job location, something that had motivated me to take the exam.

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