How To Flash Jio F90M [Jio F90M Flash File & Tool]

How To Flash Jio F90M [Jio F90M Flash File & Tool] : Are you using Reliance Jio F90M feature mobile phone and now searching a perfect method to flash Jio F90M keypad mobile? If yes then you have landed on right place. Here in this tutorial we will show you two different 100% working methods to flash Jio F90M without box. Both methods are working and tested by us. So you no need to worry about its stability and compatibility. Simply download Jio F90M flash file and tool from below download section and flash it by using any method.

Jio f90m is the 4G feature equipped cheapest keypad mobile of India. Here in this model, you can see almost all android features. Just because of its lowest price, million and million Indian users are using this phone in daily life.

But problem is that now many users complaining about software related issues. Sometime, you may see some software bugs or software malfunction due to lots of use. In that case you can reset your device to get default settings.

In the same way, if you are unable to restore your device in default condition then flash it again. Many users reported that they are facing software related issues, hanging problem and auto reboot problem on Reliance Jio F90M keypad mobile.

If you are one of them who are facing the same issues or any other software bugs on the device then this post is for you. Just flash official firmware on Jio F90M to unbick it again within few minutes.

About: How to flash Jio F90M Reliance mobile

Brand: Reliance Jio

Model: flash Jio F90M

Type: Keypad or feature phone

Firmware : Official Jio F90M flash file

Status: Stable without any issue

Why You Should Flash Lyf Jio F90m?

There are many advantages of stock firmware flashing on Reliance Jio Lyf f90m keypad mobile. Here we are listing some most important benefits of firmware flashing.

  1. Factory Reset device for unresponsive Jio F90m
  2. Unlock F90m password.
  3. Install new software.
  4. Fix software problems on Jio F90m mobile.
  5. Solve F90m Over heating issue.
  6. Jio F90m hang on logo solution.
  7. Auto reboot issue fix on Jio F90m
  8. jio f90m fake charging solution
  9. Unbrick Jio F90m
  10. Revert back from Omnisd to stock firmware

Download Reliance Jio F90M Flash File & Tool

Jio F90M Flash File Download Download 01 [ Trusted Link ] Or  DOWNLOAD / Mirror

Download Jio F90M Flash ToolQFIL Flash Tool Or MegafoneSWDownload tool

Install Omnisd app on Jio phone then download from here – Jio F90m Omnisd File Download
Risk of Losing Data: Don’t forget to take backup from your mobile before flashing stock Firmware (Stock ROM). It’s because, we can flash or install new software on Jio F90m without losing data.  Flashing will wipe or erase all user data and phone data completely.

Ensured Warranty of Mobile Phone: In case your device is still in warranty period then we will suggest you to repair it from Jio authorized service center. Otherwise, you need not to worry about warranty of your mobile phone because Flashing stock firmware will not harm or effect on your mobile phone warranty.


  • Don’t forget to charge the device approx. 80%. Interrupted flashing process may brick your device permanently.
  • Working usb cable and windows OS based pc/laptop is must to perform flashing process.
  • Flashing will reset your device completely. Don’t forget to take backup of the device before flashing. Otherwise, you can’t restore it again without backup file.
  • Read the post carefully and then apply it on your own device.

How To Flash Jio F90M Keypad Mobile – [TWO Methods]

Probably you may know that Jio Lyf f90m is a Qualcomm chipset based keypad mobile. Second main thing is, it’s firmware contain .mbn firmware file. So it’s necessary for you to use Qualcomm flash tool like Megafone SW download tool or QFIL/QPST tool etc. Both tools are able to flash Lyf Jio F90m without error. We already tested both Qualcomm tools for Jio F90m keypad mobile.

That’s why we are sharing two different methods to flash firmware on Jio F90M mobile. Firmware or flash file are same for both methods but flashing tools are different. read the tutorial properly, learn each & everything carefully and then go for flashing your own device.

Just read the both methods properly and then choose any one method to install firmware on Jio F90m keypad mobile.

Please Note: Listed Jio F90m Flash file also support UMT And Miracle Tool. So  users can use this file as Jio F90m flash file UMT and Miracle.

Method01 Flash Jio F90M Using QFIL Flash Tool

Method02 Flash Jio F90M Using Mega fone SW Download tool

Method01 Flash Jio F90M Using QFIL Flash Tool

Remember, firmware file or flashing files are same for both flashing methods but in this method we are going to use QFIL flash tool. QFIL flash tool is a Qualcomm cpu mobile flashing tool and works in edl mode. Same as, it required the .mbn format firmware files to flash.

Let’s see how to flash Jio F90 with QFIL flash tool?

  • Download Jio F90M flash file [Ji F90m QFIL Stock firmware ] and extract it on pc [ Desktop ]. Enter into firmware folder and find below three files. We will use them in our next step.

jio f90m flash file

  • Now extract the download QFIl flash tool and run QFIL.exe” file as administrator. QFIL Qualcomm flash tool will launch on your pc/laptop.

If you are using latest QFIL flash tool then select Build type as “Flat Build” in QFIL flash tool. if “build type” section is not available then just ignore it.
  • Click on “Browsebutton from the tool and browse the prog_emmc_firehose_8909_ddr_.mbn  file as shown in below screenshot

jio f90m firehose file qfil

  • In next step, click on “Load XML” button and select “rawprogram_unsparse.xml” file from firmware folder.

  • Again select “patch0” file.

  • Now boot Jio F90m into EDL or Emergency download mode manually.
Power Off device >> Press & Hold Home Key + Insert USB cable quickly

If the device is properly connect with pc it will show “Qualcomm HS USB QDLoader 9008 comport” under the “Device Manager >> Ports (COM & LPT) section”

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

  • Navigate to “Select Port” option from top of the tool and select “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” port.
  • Once the tool detects the device, wait to install usb drivers automatically. [try again if it’s failed to detect the device]
  • After drivers installation, Click download button to start flashing process.

  • Flashing may take few minutes to flash firmware and after completing the flashing process, you may see “Flash Successful” message on the screen.
  • Unplug the device and reboot it normally.
  • All Done!!! you have successfully flashed your bricked Jio F90m mobile.

Method02 Flash Jio F90M Using Mega fone SW Download tool

This is an another flash tool to flash Qualcomm based jio mobile phone. Above method is an easiest method to flash jio F90M mobile but in case, you have any issue, try this flashing method. In this method we are going to use Mega fone SW Download tool as a F90m flashing tool. Megafone SW Download tool is an official Jio after sales tool. Reliance Jio service center used this Jio flash tool to install new software on Qualcomm Jio mobiles.

Let’s see how to flash Jio f90m using Megafone SW download tool?

  • Extract the downloaded Jio F90m firmware file [ jio F90m Megafone download file ] on pc.
  • Again, extract the downloaded Mega fone SW Download tool zip file on pc and run “Mega foneSWDownload tool.exe” file as administrator. Tool will open on your pc. Don’t close it.

Mega foneSWDownload tool

  • Now come to device, power off >> press & hold volume up + volume down key together at the same time and attach USB cable.

If the device is properly connect with pc it will show “Qualcomm HS USB QDLoader 9008 comport under the “Device Manager >> Ports (COM & LPT) section”

  • Now click on “SearchPath” button from tool and load “prog_emmc_firehose_8909_lite.mbn” file from Jio f90m firmware folder.

  • Finally click on “DOWNLOAD” button to start flashing process. If the device is properly connected with pc, process will start and will take few minutes to flash.

  • In case device is not connected into edl mode properly, tool will show below error screen.

  • Wait to complete the flashing process for once and you will see the below screen in the end of successful flashing.

flash jio f90m

  • Unplug the device and reboot it again. Now device will boot with new OS. So you need to setup your device again as a new device.
  • Done!!!

IMEI Null After Flashing – Troubleshooting 

In any case, getting null IMEi or invalid IMEI or 0 IMEi after flashing firmware on Jio F90M, visit on below link and repair Jio F90M IMEI using free tool


Q&A About Jio Lyf F90m

Q1. How Can I Download Jio F90m Flash File And Tool?

Check below download section to get working and tested Jio Lyf F90m Flash tool and flash file. All the links are updated in 2020 after testing by 99mediasector & Team. Don’t forget to download and update F90m USB drivers on windows pc before flashing. Otherwise, tool may show device not detected error.

Q2. How do I turn on DIAG mode And EDL Mode on my JioF90m phone?

Both Diag Mode and EDL mode are directly related with Qualcomm devices like Jio F90m mobile. Basic difference is that EDL mode is must to flash Qualcomm Jio F90m mobile using Qualcomm Flash tool. In the same way, DIAG mode is necessary to flash or Write IMEI on Qualcomm devices [ Jio F90m ].

Methods are too different to boot device into DIAG mode and EDL mode.

Qualcomm DIAG Mode For Jio F90m : Some devices required the spacfic key to boot into diag mode but not for Jio F90m mobile. Connect the device with pc via working USB cable in ON mode and device will automatically into DIAG mode. Diag mode will create “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic 9091 port” under the device manager section.

Qualcomm EDL Mode For Jio F90m : To boot Jio Lyf f90m into edl mode, you need to press Jio F90m flashing boot keys.

Power Off device >> Press & Hold Home Key + Insert USB cable quickly

Q3. How Do Reset Jio F90m Or Unresponsive jio F90?

Users can boot device into recovery mode by pressing Jio F90m recovery keys. But if your device is unresponsive then we will suggest you to flash it by applying any above method. Firmware flashing will also reset Jio F90m automatically.

Q4. How Do I Find IMEI Number Of My Jio F90m model?

It’s very simple to indentify the IMEI number of the device. Dial *#06# to display original IMEI number of any android or feature mobile. Otherwise, go to “Application” >> “Setting” >> “About Phone” >> Check IMEI Status

Q5. How Do I Write Or Change IMEI Of Jio F90m?

IMEI changing or IMEI repairing both are different from each other. IMEI changing is ileagal and police can arrest you. But IMEI repairing is leagal and we can do it at our own home. Check below Jio F90m IMEI repairing troubleshooting section and write original IMEI without box.


So guys this is all about “how to flash Jio F90M keypad mobile?” You have two different choices to flash firmware on Jio F90m device. Both are working and tested, so you may go with anyone.

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