Windows 10 Startup Folder Location : Access Startup Folder

Windows 10 Startup Folder Location : Access Startup Folder

Startup folder in windows pc is a very useful feature to save our time. The startup folder contain a list of shortcuts those applications start automatically when we start our pc. If we talk about startup folder, its very easy to find in windows 7 by navigate to Start menu > Startup but where is startup folder in winodws 10?

So here we are adding all your quarries about windows 10 startup folder, including how to add program to startup folder for quick access?

Topics Covered In This Article

  • Whats is Startup Folder windows 10
  • How To find windows 10 Startup Folder Location manually
  • Access w10 Startup Folder Location using command
  • Add a program to Startup Folder in windows 10

What Is Windows 10 StratUp Folder – Brief Description

Here we are adding some basic and important introduction of w10 startup folder. But you should know about it, if you are new or never heard about it.

Basically, w10 startup folder is special folder of any computer or pc because it contain the the program files of that programs which you want to run automatically when you start up your pc. In short, pc start those software and programs automatically without any delay and you don’t have to remember to run yourself.

Where Is Windows 10 Startup Folder Location

Before going to jump into windows 10 start up folder location, its must to know that there are two startup folder on your pc. First is – Personal Startup Folder & Second Is Universal startup folder.

Personal Startup Folder Location In W10 : Go through the below path to find or access personal startup folder in windows 10 pc

/laptop.C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Universal startup folder Location w10 : it’s an universal startup folder of windows 10 because, this type of startup folder contain programs that automatically run for all users. And location is here

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp


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How To Open Windows 10 Startup Folder Location

How to Use the Windows 10 Startup Folder: Everything You Need to Know

Users may follow the above path to access windows 10 startup folder location manually. Otherwise, use the below simple methods.

Method01 Access W10 Startup Folder Location Manually

Follow the below path to find the correct location of your own pc startup folder location.

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Method02 Access W10 Startup Folder Location Using Command

Open Run box and type or copy the below command and hit enter. It will open startup folder location automatically.

shell:common startup

For quick navigation, use the below command.

shell:common startup

Manually Add Program To StratUp In Windows Pc

Users can add many software and programs in windows startup folder for quick access. But remember, adding too many programs to startup folder can make your computer slowly. Don’t try to add too much programs, specially, if you are using classic hard drive as a system disk.

As we already you about startup folder that it helps to run programs automatically when we start our pc. Same as, we can also add other software and programs to startup windows for quick access.

But this feature depends on that particular program, if they allow you can add easily. Fir this purpose, you have to check that particular software you would like to add to startup.

Remember, you cant add all the software and programs to startup folder for quick acces. Its very limited. Adding a shortcut on desktop is another solution of it.

First off all, you have To create shortcut of the program on your pc. For this, enter into installation location of that program, find executable file, right click on it and select send to > Desktop [ Create Shortcut]

Now no need to touch the original executable file, just double click on shortcut to run your program. In case, you want to change it again, you are free to delete that shortcut from startup folder.

Now come to the nest step, go to desktop and locate the shortcut you just created. Open a File Explorer window to your startup folder (or the all users startup folder if you prefer). Simply drag the icon from your desktop to the startup folder. You can also cut and paste it using Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V if you prefer.

All done!!! You have created shortcut in startup folder and next time it will open automatically when you login again.

Example : Add Chrome To Startup Folder

  • Open run, type shell:common startup to open startup folder. Don’t close it.
  • Now Open installation location of “google Chrome”.

  • find the executable file, right click on it and select send to > Desktop [ Create Shortcut] to create shortcut on desktop.

  • Now cut & paste or directly drag it into “windows startup folder”. Here it will ask for permission, just allow it.

  • Now Google chrome has been added to “Startup folder” and next it will be open automatically when you boot your pc again.

What Programs Should I Run at Startup?

As we already told you, you can add any program or software in startup folder for auto access but too much application may slow your machine. So try to add only important and necessary programs only in this folder.

  • Antivirus software
  • Backup software
  • Cloud storage software
  • Any software you use regularly
  • Etc

Don’t Run The Below Programs As a Startup

  • Gaming and chat clients
  • Apple software
  • Adobe software
  • Manufacturer bloatware
  • Crapware

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This is all about “Startup Folder Location in windows 10 with example?” Its really very cool feature of windows 10 to access any program quickly. Users can add or remove any program in this Startup Folder Location.

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