Root Redmi Y1 Lite & Install TWRP Recovery

Are you using Redmi Y1 Lite and now want to root Redmi Y1 lite safely? If yes, then you have landed on right place. Here in this root guide we will show you how it’s easy to root redmi Y1 lite MIUI9 using supersu or magisk root file.

Good news is that official twrp for Redmi Y1 lite has been released and now you can flash twrp recovery on Redmi y1 lite using adb command. After successful installation of twrp recovery, just flash Supersu or magisk root file to get root access on Redmi Y1 lite MIUI9 phone.

Important: Redmi Y1 and Redmi y1 lite both are different devices. Rooting process is same for both Redmi y1 and Redmi y1 Lite but Twrp recovery are different. So make sure you are downloading a correct twrp recovery for Redmi Y1.

Why You Need To Root Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Smartphone?

Basically rooting is an advance android method to customize or modify any android mobile. After root your Redmi Y1 lite, you may modify your Rooted Xiaomi Redmi y1 Liete in your own way. No need to learn extra developer skill. Just root Redmi Y1 Lite nougat and apply different android tricks and tweaks to enjoy root permission required apps and files. Here we are listing some famous android tricks for rooted android mobiles.

  • After root, you can install custom ROM on redmi Y1 Lite.
  • Root allows you to upgrade your exacting android version.
  • You can change IMEI number of rooted Redmi Y1 lite android mobile.
  • Root allows users to hide device ID and identification from third part apps.
  • You can change device model number, android ID and android version to hide your identity.
  • You can unlock hidden features of your rooted device those are locked by manufacturers.
  • Improve battery management, mobile performance and speed.
  • Root is important for game lovers to unlock all levels.
  • Etc

Important Points Before Root Redmi Y1 Lite

  • Rooting of any device may void phone warranty.
  • Wrong process may brick your phone permanently. So follow the root guide carefully.
  • Bootloader should be unlock of your phone before rooting.
  • Take backup of your phone data.
  • Rooting process will wipe all phone data and user data. Charge your phone approx 60%.

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How to Root Redmi Y1 Lite MIUI9?

Root Redmi Y1 Lite

Now come to the point and let’s see how to root Redmi Y1 Lite without any dead risk? But before that make sure you have enough knowledge about rooting because, one single wrong step may brick your device permanently. Same as, rooting will void your phone warranty. Till now, if you really want to root Redmi Y1 Lite then go ahead for next step to learn Redmi Y1 Lite rooting method.

In order to root Xiaomi redmi Y1 Lite you have to unlock bootloader of Redmi Y1 Lite then install twrp recovery to flash supersu exploit root file. Follow all the steps from below section as it is.

[a] Unlock Redmi Y1 Lite Bootloader [Official Method] [b] Install Twrp recovery on Redmi Y1 Lite

[C] Flash Supersu on Redmi Y1 Lite using TWRP recovery

Now read all the below steps one by one and get root access on Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Smartphone.

[a] Unlock Redmi Y1 Bootloader

Remember, bootloader must be unlock before applying any customization or modification. Bootloader is a security lock which never allows user to modify system file of the devices. But if you want, you can unlock bootloader of Redmi Y1 Lite officially.

After unlock bootloader of your device, you will lose your phone warranty. So do it on your own risk.

Bootloader unlocking is the first step to root Redmi Y1 Lite. As we all know, most off the Xiaomi devices come with locked bootloader. So, first of all we have to unlock bootloader on Redmi Y1 lite. Bootloader is a security lock for system files and after unlock bootloader on Redmi Y1 lite, we can modify the system files as a developer.

Go through the below link to learn how to unlock bootloader of any Xiaomi devices?

Official Method – How to unlock bootloader of Redmi Y1 Lite?

[b] Install Twrp recovery on Redmi Y1

Twrp recovery installation is the second step to root Redmi Y1 lite. Once you are ready with unlocked bootloader, flash official twrp recovery on Redmi y1 lite. Twrp recovery allows you to flash supersu exploit [Redmi Y1Lite Root file] on your device but stock recovery never ever allow users to flash these kinds of files. So follow the below steps to install twrp recovery on Redmi Y1 Lite MIUI9 mobile.

Step01 Download And Installation

Step02 Enable Usb Debugging On Redmi Y1 Lite

  • To enable developer option go to your phone setting>> About phone.
  • Tab on MIUI option for 7 times . now you will get the message “you are now a developer”.
  • Go back again and enter into the “Additional Setting” option.
  • Enter into “Developer” option.
  • Find the “USB debugging” option and enable it.
  • Same as you will see the “OEM” option then enable it.


Steps to Install TWRP Recovery On Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite

At first you have to install TWRP recovery on Xiaomi redmi Y1Lite and then you can flash Supersu file on Redmi Y1 Lite to gain root access.

  • First of all, download & Install usb drivers on pc.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Make sure Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool is installed on pc.

install adb and fastboot

  • Now open the Minimal ADB and fastboot tool folder on pc.
[Installation directory of adb tool c:\\ >>ADB Folder]

minimal adb and fastboot folder location

  • Copy the downloaded TWRP recovery and paste it into the adb folder. Don’t forget to rename it as recovery.img

  • Go to adb installation directory, click on any blank area in ADB folder and then Press and hold Shift Key +Right click and select “open command window here” or “open powershell window here” as shown in below screenshot.


  • Boot Redmi Y1 Lite Into Fastoboot Mode

Here you may use command prompt method or manual method to boot your device into fastboot mode.

Boot Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Into Fastboot Mode By Command

  • Connect the phone with pc via USB cable and enter the below command to boot it into fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Boot Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Into Fastboot Mode Manually

Power off device then press & hold Volume down key + power key together at the same time till you see the Mi bunny mascot on the screen.

xiaomi fastboot mode

  • This time type the below command and hit enter button

fastboot devices

  • Again type the below command to install twrp recovery on Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite and hit enter button
[Make sure twrp recovery [ recovery.img] is already placed into the adb folder]

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • After completing the above process, now type the below command to boot it into recovery mode.

fastboot boot recovery.img

[Command will boot device into newly installed twrp recovery]

  • All Done!!! Now you can see newly installed twrp recovery on your Redmi Y1 Lite Smartphone.

IMPORTANT  When your device will boot into newly installed twrp recovery for the first time, it will ask to “Keep System Read only”. Don’t Allow it. Click on “Keep Read Only” option. Otherwise, your device may stuck on Mi logo.

[C] Flash Supersu on Redmi Y1 Lite using TWRP recovery

After installation of twrp recovery, now you are ready to root Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite by flashing supersu file. Follow the below instructions to get root access on Redmi Y1 Lite MIUI9 mobile.

Note: Make sure you are into twrp recovery mode. If not then boot it manually.

[Power off >> Press & hold Volume up key + Power key together >> Select Recovery option]

  • Select your preferred language from the list and set it according to you and tap on “never Show this screen on boot again” and swipe allow modifications.
  • Next, connect the device with pc and move the “SuperSu zip” file into the internal storage of your device.
  • Important – Don’t forget to take backup of your device including stock ROM. After backup, you can restore it any time if anything goes wrong during the root procedure. For this, click on “Backup” option and swipe the button for backup process and transfer it your pc or laptop.
  • From Twrp recovery, tap on “Install” button and browse the “Supersu zip” file and swipe to confirm flash.

supersu zip file

  • Here it may take couple of minutes to flash supersu file on Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Smartphone.

supersu flashing using twrp recovery

  • End of the flashing process, click on “Wipe cache/Delvik” option and “Swipe TO Wipe” again.

Wipe cache/Delvik

  • Click on “Do not install” option and reboot the device normally.
  • All done!!
  • Congratulations, you root have rooted Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Nougat successfully.

Check how to root any devices using Magisk File?

All set and now you can reboot your device normally. It may take long time to boot into normally after flashing process. So sit back and wait to boot it automatically. It’s best to wait it out for 10 minutes or so.

This is all about “how to root Redmi Y1 Lite without dead risk and how to install twrp recovery on Xiaomi redmi Y1 Lite Officially?” Simply follow all the above steps one by one and get root access on Redmi Y1 Lite to enjoy root benefits. After root redmi Y1Lite, you can install custom ROM, can change IMEi number, can change device ID or can unlock redmi Y1 Lite hidden features.

Till now facing any problem to root Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite MIUI9 mobile, leave your comment.

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