Lyf Jio F271i IMEI Repair Using SPD IMEI Tool

Lyf Jio F271i IMEI Repair Using SPD IMEI Tool

Once again we are here with new jio SPD imei tool 2020 – 2019 and today we are sharing 100% working & tested Lyf Jio F271i IMEI repairing guide. If you are facing null IMEI or invalid IMEI or IMEI 0000 on Lyf Jio F271i IMEI then use the latest spd Jio IMEI tool and write IMEI within few seconds.

Flashing IMEI on Lyf Jio F271i mobile is really easy for all new and experienced users. Just use the free SPD jio IMEI tool and write IMEI on Lyf Jio F271i IMEI without error.

Probably you may know that Lyf Jio F271i is a SPD chipset based feature mobile. So it’s necessary to use SPD imei tool for SPD jio mobile including Lyf Jio F271i model. Different Jio mobile comes with different chipset, so their IMEI repairing tool may be different according to their model name and number.

In the same way, if you are owner of Lyf Jio F271i mobile which is a SPD jio mobile and now getting no network on the mobile after flashing that means it’s showing null IMEI or IMEI 00000 on mobile. For confirmation, just type *#06# from dialer and check IMEI number status of the device. In case, IMEI number of Lyf Jio F271i is invalid or IMEI 00000 then this guide is for you.

Download SPD jio IMEI repair tool for Lyf Jio F271i mobile and write IMEI by following below tutorial.

IMEI Repair Tool For Lyf Jio F271i Mobile

As we all know Lyf Jio F271i is a SPD CPU based keypad mobile, so we can use appropriate SPD IMEI tool to write new IMEI. But here in this tutorial we are going write IMEI on Lyf Jio F271i mobile with SPD Jio IMEI tool which is 100% working and tested.

Best thing about this tool is that it’s free and it’s simple interface is quite easy to understand for any new user. So, no need to go anywhere to repair IMEI number of Lyf Jio F271i  phone. We can flash IMEI on Lyf Jio F271i at our own home without any technical skill.

Download Lyf Jio F271i IMEI Tool And Drivers

IMEI Tool & Drivers                                                                                                          DOWNLOAD

In case you are looking for new IMEI number, checkout valid IMEI number list from here.

How TO Write IMEI On Lyf Jio F271i [ Lyf Jio F271i  IMEI Repair ]

If you are new about to write IMEI on jio mobile, read the post carefully and then apply it on your own device. Users can also use Jio SPD IMEI tool to change IMEI number of Jio F271i mobile but we never recommend you for this. Because changing IMEI is illegal in some countries. Otherwise, you are free to write IMEI on the same device.

  • Download “SPD Jio IMEI Tool” and “SPD Drivers” on pc.
  • Extract the both downloaded files one by one.
  • Install “SPD USB Drivers” on pc. Drivers installation is must to create bridge connection in between pc and mobile.
  • Enter into “SPD Jio IMEI tool” folder and run “Spreadtrum_IMEI.exe” as administrator.
jio spd imei tool
jio spd imei tool
  • Once the tool launched, type 15 digit original IMEI number under the “Write IMEI” section.

  • Now click on “Start” button to start IMEI writing process and it will ask you to connect the device with pc.

  • Come to the device, remove & re-insert battery for once and connect the device with pc by pressing Lyf Jio F271i boot key.
Boot Key For Lyf Jio F271i mobile: Press & hold “*” key + “#” key + insert USB cable at the same time [ device should be power off ]
  • As soon as tool detects the device, IMEI flashing will start and it will show “Write IMEI Success” message in couple of minutes. That means, now you can unplug device from pc.

  • Done!!! Reboot device and dial *#06# to check IMEI number of the device.

This is the simplest method to write IMEI on Lyf Jio F271i without box. Simply launch SPD jio IMEI tool and fix invalid IMEI number on Lyf Jio F271i mobile at your own home. After following this tutorial, it will fix null IMEI and no network issue on Lyf Jio F271i mobile.

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