Common And Serious mistakes By Newbie Bloggers

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This article is all about for newbie blogger and also for him who are not getting good result from their running blog or we are focusing about most Common And Serious mistakes By Newbie Bloggers while they creating a blog but never think about them.

      There is a learning curve with everything new and blogging is no different. There are so many bloggers who comes here online and after few months they decided to leave their blogs and websites .its just because they disappointed form their low traffic rate and low earning. But why they fail in blogging? It’s a major question for any newbie blogger. so here we are trying to share about some basic and serious mistake .if you are newbie or if you have a running blog or website and you are fully disappointed from traffic and earning then read this article carefully and implement it on your blog .definitely you will get best result after using these tips.

1.Insufficient Material:

Problem: suppose if you are a web user and you are searching for any information on Google then what you want? You always try to get complete information from any website .if you have a website and its have few readable content and lots of images then what you think search engines will able to optimize it, no never. Search engine will immediately rank down you.

Solution : it’s a batter that try to write with high quality as much as you can .it should be easy to understand and contain with quality information.keep focus on your keyword.

2.Writing technique :

Problem : some time its noticeable that newbie user try to write as a professional and somehow they make their article boaring .they only have experience with the latter .writing a post is different than writing a term paper.

Solution : Always try to write as you are talking to other. If your article is more approachable, people will enjoy your article .everyone want to feel like they are talking with real people, not with robots.

3.Never Depends On HTML :

Problem: if you have a Site and you designed it with HTML so there is a problem. Mostly search engines can’t differentiate between text and design. It’s totally waste.

Solution: always try to design your site in CSS. This is easy to optimize for search engines between text and design. It will give you more chance to get high rank in search engines rank

4.Copied Contents :

Problem: it’s a common mistake for any newbie user. Sometime newbie user want to get success in short time and they try to copy other people’s web contents without any permission .it’s totally a wastage if you are using copied contents for your site.

Solution: content copy past is a simple task .but fact is viewer want to read fresh content. As same as Google will be block your site for this reason. So its batter then tries to use some good original self written content for your site.

 5. KeyWord Spamming:

Keyword is a important part for any website but fact is don’t focus more and more on keyword. There is a misconception in the market is that site ranking is totally proposannel to keyword density.

Solution: solution of this problem is that you have to focus on your content it should be unique and readable that is the key of success.

6.Backlinking or Backlinks : backlinks are more important factor for any website and mostly common think is that newbie web holder always try hard to write article and they ignore its importance.same as if they try to create backlinks they involve so much in this work .if you get more backlinks in a short period then you can be penalized .

Solution : always try to create genuine backlinks .it can took some time don’t try to create large amount of backlinks keep them optimum.

7.Lack Of Patience: Patience is important for everything, not only for website but in every field of life. If you are newbie in blogger field you have to keep patience you can’t get success just in over a night. It’s a big challenge for every newbie blogger.

Solution: remember success can’t archive just in few days. You have to work hard and focus on your aim and serve batter article with patience continually .once a day you will really get success.

Remember : in this article we tried our best to aware you from common mistake.keep in mind these few points at time of starting any website or blog and share your experience with us.please do comment and keep in of luck for the best !!!

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