Morocco Earthquake Tragedy

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at least 820 people lost their lives, with most casualties reported in Marrakech and nearby provinces. 672 injured,   205 in serious condition.

Rare Quake Strikes Morocco

In a rare and devastating event, Morocco was struck by a powerful earthquake late Friday night, claiming the lives of over 800 people. 

Terrifying Moments Unfold

Witnesses reported chaos as dishes and wall hangings fell, and people were knocked off their feet and chairs. An intense vibration shook homes, forcing many to flee.

Rescuers Battle Difficult Terrain

Rescue teams face challenges reaching remote mountain villages.

Survivors Share Ordeals

Heart-wrenching accounts of those affected by the intense vibration and destruction.

World Offers Support

World leaders offered condolences and assistance, and Turkey, France, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia were among those ready to lend support.

Historic Structures Affected

In Marrakech, iconic structures such as the Koutoubia Mosque, dating back to the 12th century, sustained damage. 

Aftershocks and Challenges

Aftershocks and terrain difficulties complicate rescue efforts

Heartbreaking Loss

Over 820 lives lost, with many more injured.

Solidarity Amidst Tragedy

Morocco and the world mourn, emphasizing the need for support.