The most affordable internet services in the US

The most affordable internet services in the US

Due to a higher demand for telecommunication services during recent times, most citizens across the country have been trying to opt for such telecom service providers that offer affordability. One reason behind this focus is also the ongoing pandemic. Many people lost their jobs around the world, many lost loved ones. Everyone is trying to stay safe without bearing too much cost. In the same way, sometimes you need to send a press release via best free press release sites and press release distribution services.

There are quite a few ISPs available in the market that are offering valuable deals and services. It’s harder than ever to choose among these as it can very easily become most confusing. Before going for an internet service provider, it is recommended that you take an inventory of your requirements from an ISP. If internet-only plans are all that you’re after then go for only those options. Getting confused by promotions and bundles will not be suitable as you may end up losing capital.

If high-speed connectivity is what you’re after but you also focus on saving up on some bucks then CenturyLink internet is what you need. They offer amazingly affordable rates with their DSL and Fiber-Optic plans. Customers all across the United States can acquire their service with a Price For Life guarantee. They are offering great communication services in almost 31 states. Most locations have access to their DSL connections. While the fiber connections are relatively new and are not as widely available.

With the plethora of ISPs providing a multitude of services and various plans and packages, people all across the country have now more options than ever before. We’re selecting CenturyLink services as they are the only DSL-providing company that is reliable enough and offers affordable plans for residential customers.

CenturyLink plans details

The offered download speeds go up to 100 Mbps on DSL connections. Whereas, the fiber connection allows speeds up to 940 Mbps.

  • There are basically two plans, the DSL one costing $49 per month and the fiber plan costing $65 per month.
  • The available speeds on the DSL plans range between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. These prices are for customers who choose to go for paperless billing.
  • The ISP offers contract-free deals, meaning you’re never bound. If you are relocating to an area with no CenturyLink services, you can cancel your subscription without worrying about any cancellation or termination fees.
  • They don’t ask you to make any commitments.
  • Price For Life is offered to all the DSL customers for as long as they keep their service.
  • There are no credit checks. You’re simply off the hook with CenturyLink.

Basic review of CenturyLink’s services

They are one of the major broadband companies in the United States, offering DSL, fiber, and home phone services nationwide. CenturyLink Internet plans provide perfect telecommunication solutions for the whole household. The prices are economical and the plans offer a 1 TB data limit, which is enough for high data content streaming and downloading.

  • Fiber-Optic deal

If you have a bigger household then the fiber-optic connection is perfect for you. You get super-fast download and upload speeds, unlimited data, and free installation and modem if you order their services online.

  • Bundle deal

If you require phone service along with a high-speed internet connection then CenturyLink offers an amazing bundle for its voice and internet customers. Get outstanding voice service with unlimited texts and calls all across the USA. You will also be able to access calling features like caller ID, voice mail, 3-way calling, call waiting and forwarding, and more. This bundle will cost $85 per month.

Other internet service providers

However, if you require internet services over a cable network then you will have to look elsewhere. There are cable connections offered by CenturyLink. The basic or the major difference that sets them apart from their counterparts is the fact their price is guaranteed for as long as you’re sticking with them. It can be till tomorrow or it can be forever.

Most ISPs provide their gigabyte plans at immense prices, and sometimes with set data limits. CenturyLink, on the other hand, doesn’t do any of that. You get good rates and a nice deal when you consider a free modem and free installation. Even self-installation is quite easy and a person with only the most basic technical knowledge can easily hook up the connection and start using it.

CenturyLink TV services

most affordable internet services in the US

CenturyLink doesn’t have its own cable TV service. They partner up with DirecTV to provide amazing options for all those TV junkies out there. Now, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite titles. Customers can choose among the DirecTV plans as per requirement and add them to the voice and internet bundle.

Customers can access three-month worth of premium HD channels without paying any extra costs at all. The Genie DVR is also available so that customers can get HD quality recording worth 200 Hours. There are no issues when you think bout paying bills. Just pay through CenturyLink and you’re done.

Signal strength/dead zone issue

When you search for an internet connection, you want one that comes with good signal strength. No one wants a patchy connection. Many internet service providers bring out promotional extra-value deals to attract customers and then they either don’t follow through with their promised service. Or, they raise the prices abnormally right after the promotion ends.

Many of these don’t come with good enough equipment. CenturyLink on the other hand tries to provide exactly the advertised services and equipment. Their modems and routers or the combo of them are made with advanced tech to rule out any dead patches inside your household. You can connect multiple devices without worrying about a glitchy connection.

Other internet service providers that offer comparatively good services include options like Xfinity and Spectrum. Both these companies offer multiple services over cable and fiber-optics with varying speeds and affordable prices. If you want connectivity that is consistent over all the data plans then you can check out Localcabledeals webpage for recommendations and details regarding CenturyLink.

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