How To Submit Sitemap On Yandex Webmaster Tools?

In this tutorial we will tell you how to submit sitemap on Yandex webmaster tools. After adding site on yandex search engine now it’s the time to submit sitemap on Yandex Webmaster Tools. In the past we had talked several times about sitemap. Sitemap is a bunch of website links and search engines use this … Read more

How To Submit Site On Yandex Search engine?

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As Baidu is giant search engine in China same as Yandex is a leading and largest search engine in Russia having 70 % of market share. To be a part of Yandex search engine just Submit site on Yandex search engine. Any possibility of visibility in search engine means you have potential to extract traffic for your site. Yandex also offers search engine in English that means you can use this opportunity to target Russia traffic towards to your site. Nothing is better than traffic for any webmaster.

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