How To Submit Sitemap In Google Webmaster Tool ?

How To Submit Sitemap In Google Webmaster Tool?

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When we start any website or any blog there is one most common issue is that How to our website will Display in Google search or on other search engines?

           Whenever we talk to newbie user who is not aware with search engines they think that they have to pay Google or other search engine to list their websites. that’s  not true .it can possible if you understand  search engines working process .its called web mastering .you can submit your site or blog in Google search engine free .for this you have to do some work with help of GWT (Google webmaster tool) and index your site links in Google search.

      When you submitted your site in Google search engine, after that you have to submit sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool to index your Web-link and Google bot can crawl your all site links for better search result.

What Is sitemap And Why It Is Important?

 Basically sitemap is a XML file that contains all URLs of your blog or website .sitemap helps to Google bots to see your all web-pages, links and all other links that’s are in your website or blog. In a simple sentence Sitemap are bunch of all links of any website by that Google bot Follow sitemap files to crawl and index your website.

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