Solutions : Mobile Data Not Working On Android Mobile

Solutions To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On Android Mobile

Android Smartphones are the most popular devices in the world. Several utility apps and apks are the reason for Android OS based phone’s popularity. But actually it’s nothing without the internet connectivity. Without the internet connection, it’s just an empty box. Because of this each and every android Smartphone user uses the wifi or data connection to run apps and search engines. But the main problem is that sometimes you may see data connection errors on android phone.

Nowadays, phone data is necessary for everyone to run its function properly. Can you imagine what you will do with no data enabled mobile phone? Mobile phone with data that is not working, you can’t run your WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and any search engine to surf the internet.

It may be possible, sometimes your 4G or 5G internet connection can occasionally stop functioning. At that point, everything can go terribly inconvenient and leave you wondering, “Why is my cellular data not working?

But don’t worry about it. Mobile data not working in android phone is not a big issue, if you know how to deal with that. Fixing this issue is not too complicated, we can try to resolve mobile data connectivity issues by applying simple fixes. Reading the post and get best working tips and tricks to overcome mobile data is not working problem.

Common Causes Of Mobile Data Not Working In Android Smartphone

There are several possibilities for no data connection error in android mobile. Sometimes, it may be due to software glitch, hardware issue, wrong APN settings, unnecessary cache, wrong network mode section and mobile data limit etc. Practically, it may be different for different users. So, we have to start from a common solution and then we can apply any other advanced solutions.

To make it easy to understand and easy to apply, we are adding all the possible solutions to resolve no data connectivity on mobile.

(A)   Common Solutions To Fix No Data Connection Error In Android Phone

  1. Check For Mobile Data Limit
  2. Turn ON & OFF Mobile Data
  3. Enable And Disable Airplane Mode
  4. Disable Active Wi-Fi Connection
  5. Turn OFF Bluetooth
  6. Remove and Re-Insert Your SIM Card
  7. Reset Your Phone’s Network Connection
  8. Reset Your APNs
  9. Enter APN Settings Manually
  10. Remove Cache From Recovery menu
  1. Check For Mobile Data Limit

Sometimes, it may be possible that you have reached your mobile data limits and don’t get any warning from the data network provider. Many users use the limited monthly data network tariff plan. In that case, you should check the renewal data and monthly data consumption stats.

Another possibility is that, each and every android Smartphone allows you to set the data limits. By default it switched ON from the manufacturer. Maybe you set a limit previously. So, re-check it again in phone settings and update your mobile data access limit accordingly.

Ø  Go to “Settings” section >>> “Mobile Data/Data Usage”. In some devices, you have to navigate to “Settings” >> “Connection and sharing” >>> “Data Usage”

Ø  Here you can see your whole data usages along with default settings. Here you can modify it according to your own choice. Alternatively, turn off all data limits by unticking the “Limit mobile data usage” box. This action will never stop mobile data on your mobile.

If everything is ok in this section then go for the next solution.

  1. Turn ON & OFF Mobile Data

Sometimes, mobile network conjunction may affect the working of data network. Before going to apply any other solutions, we recommend you to reboot your mobile and then turn On & OFF mobile data for once. This action will reset and force the connection protocol to start it again.

  1. Enable And Disable Airplane Mode

Many of us rarely use the android Airplane mode in your mobile. Similarly, some use this mode at the time of gaming or when you are traveling on an airplane of course. But actually it’s not limited with these common reasons. Technically, enabled airplane mode turned off all the radio-frequency signal transmission on your mobile including mobile data connection.

So, if the airplane mode is enabled on your mobile, then you can access the internet on your phone. If you have no data connection, this feature could still be turned on. Just disable it and start surfing on your mobile without any issue.

  1. Disable Active Wi-Fi Connection

Actually both Wi-Fi and data networks work separately. But as we all know, each and every thing in android is based on android apps and software configuration. Due to this reason, sometimes wifi internet connection in mobile may conflict with data connection. To find this issue, turn OFF wifi connection and then disable & enable data connection to get your cellular data back.

  1. Turn OFF Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is very old technology for mobile phones. Same as wifi, enabled Bluetooth service can be a reason for not network in android mobile phones. There is no definite rule but you should disable it for once when mobile data is not working.

  1. Remove and Re-Insert Your SIM Card

If you are getting no data network issue in your phone, try to reinsert your SIM card again. Moreover, always try to insert mobile data enabled SIm card in the first slot to experience fast and error free connection.

Sometimes, simple reboot and resetting is not enough to make a proper connection in between phone and SIM card. In many scenarios, maybe it has been dislocated from their slot.

For this, enable “Airplane Mode” >> “power off mobile” >>> remove & re-insert SIM (change slot, if required) >> reboot phone again and then disable Airplane mode.
  1. Reset Your Phone’s Network Connection

Phone’s network connection resetting is the highly working and powerful technique to fix data not working on your Android devices. Just enter the Special Code to Reset the Network and reset network connection automatically. After that you no need to apply any manual action. But it’s important to know that this code works only and only for CDMA networks.

If you have CDMA network enabled mobile then dial the special code to reset mobile data network connection automatically.

For this, Open dial pad on your mobile and then enter codes according to your mobile brands.

Reset Network Connection code

  • Google Pixel, Moto G4: *#*#72786#*#*
  • Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Moto G5: #*#*72786#*#*
  • Other Android phones: ##72786#
  1. Reset Your APNs

Access point names or APN is very important for every network provider to serve error free communication connectivity. Each and every mobile network provider uses the unique IP address and gateway settings through the APN settings to connect you to the internet.

Sometimes, wrong configuration of APN settings may be a possible reason for your cellular data issues.

  • To reset your APN >> go to settings >>> go to the section where you can change your network settings (it may different for different phone’s model)
  • Enter into “Wireless Controls”  >> “Wireless Networks” >> “Connection/Mobile Data.”
  • Select the “Mobile Networks” and then tap “Access Point Names”
  • Now will be able to see the list of APNs saved on your phone
  • Click on “Reset to Default” to change it as default settings.

reset apn settings

  1. Manually Enter The APN Settings

APN setting resetting is always good to get back the default APN configuration for your mobile. But sometimes, your new software update version or any changes in phone’s settings may cause broken APN settings. In that case, if automatic APNs settings are not working for you, do it manually by entering the correct APN settings.

Remember, APN settings may be different for different mobile data providers. So, you have to fill the correct APN settings values to fix the mobile data network that is not working in android phones.

For this, go to settings >>> enter into the “APN Settings” page >>> click on “+” icon or “menu icon”. Select the new APN and configure it again with correct values.

To know the APN settings for your network provider, type the network provider name in Google search and find the values. Otherwise, check their official page to get the correct and supportable APN values.

  1. Remove Cache From Recovery menu

Same as Pc browser, Android OS also creates the cache files on the device. Each and every time when you open or close your phone or install or delete any file or app, it also creates new cache files. So after too much use of your mobile, sometimes these caches may create issues. Similarly, these caches may be a reason for data connection error to stop working.

To fix this issue in android mobile, we can clear the system cache partition from the recovery menu. Ever android devices come with a pre-installed recovery menu to troubleshoot many software related issues.

For this, power off the device >> press & hold volume up key + Power key at the same time >> then select “wipe cache partition” or “wipe cache”.

It’s only a 5 seconds process. After that reboot your phone and check your data network working.

  1. Factory Reset Your Mobile (Advanced Method)

Remember, this action will wipe all user data and phone data completely. Before doing this, don’t forget to take backup of your mobile. Otherwise, you can’t restore it again.

If all the above solutions are not helpful to resolve phone data not working problems in android devices then factory reset is the final option. In order to perform this process, go to “settings” >>> choose “backup & Reset” >>> and then select the “Factory Data Reset” option.

After applying the factory data reset, the device will delete all the custom settings and set all the settings as default. Setup your device again, enable data connection and check if it’s working or not.

Read the guide for referenceFactory Reset Process

  1. New Software Installation (ADVANCED)

Most of the time, factory reset is enough to recover software related issues. But till now facing the same data network connection issue then install new software. New software installation will format the old software and add a new copy of stock ROM.

Remember, firmware installation is not an easy task. Technical skill and software flashing knowledge is required for this. There are several tools available to flash mobile software. Just download the official stock ROM for your mobile with flash tool and flash stock firmware properly.

Different Android Smartphones come with different chipsets. Because of this flashing tool may also be different. So choose the correct and supportable tool and flash new software on mobile to remove data network not working in mobile.

Visit on our tools section to get different mobile flashing tools.


Several reasons can affect the data connection such as software bugs, wrong configuration of APN settings, cache files, loose SIM card placement and built-in wifi /Bluetooth etc. When you encounter hitches on your mobile connection, it’s really hard to identify the real reason for the error.

You can only apply and test the above solutions to fix mobile data not working problem in android devices. Just read the post carefully and then apply all the listed possible fixes one by one.

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