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10 Best Online Video Makers 2021

There used to be a time when only filmmakers would use a video maker. That time, however, is long gone. Nowadays, pretty much every individual uses a potent video maker

While brands use them for business purposes, many visual content enthusiasts use them for personal use on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Suffice to say, videos have become an integral part of both our personal and work lives. Our favourite tool is because it has so many premade templates and they can help you to create Youtube Intro Maker or other Intros.

But the question that then arises is which video maker is the best for making videos? To help you find a solution, we’ve curated a list of some remarkable online video makers that’d cater to all your requirements. These are easy to use and perfect for generating videos quickly yet remarkably. Read on to know these video makers. 

List Of Top 10 Best Online Video Makers 

  • InVideo 

The reason InVideo stands out from its contemporaries is a combination of many factors. For starters, using this video maker, you can make a video within 10 minutes. A web-based platform, InVideo, can be used on both Mac and Windows. 

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In addition to that, it allows you to edit videos in a simple, intuitive editor and not in some fancy video editing software with never-ending options. As a result, this video maker removes the need for extensive experience. Also, this application comes with an intuitive UI and plenty of tutorials for your convenience. 

You get to choose from over 2000 templates while editing texts, effects, and visuals. If you’re someone who often translates blogs into videos, InVideo also has an in-built text to speech technology. The best thing about this video maker is that you can use it for free. 

Their free plan gives you access to all the editing features. However, you can create and export up to 60 videos a month. That said, users can take their time with it as it’s not a standard free trial. All in all, InVideo is a worthy video maker that you can use for making YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Ads, amongst other things. 

  • WeVideo 

Launched in 2007, WeVideo has created a unique name for itself in the industry. It comes with user-friendly technology and provides the user with various tools to showcase their creativity. They offer you a mobile app that you can use with much ease. 

Moreover, they also have an academy that teaches the basics of video making to their esteemed users. Their plans are exceedingly affordable as well. While you can make personal videos for free, the business plan is available at a nominal rate of 16$. 

  • Powtoon 

If you’re looking to make online videos or presentations, Powtoon is a video maker that you must consider. The best thing about Powtoon is that it allows an individual with zero technical knowledge and skills to make videos. 

The reason for that is its instinctive, captive, and easy to use the software. As the name suggests, Powtoon is a combination of animated cartoon and presentations. 

  • FlixPress 

The aim of FlixPress has always been to ensure their users get to create the best online media content. It’s not surprising then that you can create and broadcast premium quality videos within minutes using FlixPress. 

Moreover, it also endeavours to create affordable and accessible videos for introducing a service or product in the market. In this manner, it caters to both the formal and informal needs of the users. 

  • Makewebvideo 

A product from Mersica, this video maker ensures that its user accomplishes their tasks within a short period. With Makewebvideo, you can create a video in a couple of minutes. In most cases, it takes around 30-45 minutes. 

All you have to do is select a template, customise the video, and share it with your peers. They also provide you with services like video hosting and free trial video. 

  • Wideo 

Another video maker that you must consider for your business, education, or home-related content is Wideo. Much like its contemporaries, Wideo is also super easy to use and flexible. 

Just choose the template, edit, and share your video! Their USP is result-oriented video creation. Using Wideo, you can save the video online and edit it at your convenience. 

  • Kizoa 

This video and slideshow maker assures you a vivid experience. It has a vast gallery of photos, visual effects, transitions, and clips for its users. In addition to that, it is also an impeccable photo editor and collage maker. 

Amateur video makers looking to create videos for their loved ones can also find themes like weddings, birthdays, amongst others, on their website. 

  • Animoto 

Animoto is an online and mobile video maker that enables users to choose from their pictures, clips, music and turn them into magical video slideshows. And that’s not all. 

It also offers a smooth digital experience and cloud-computing service with unique video style options and a vast music library. This drag and drop video maker is a worthy choice for both amateur and professional video creators. 

  • Magisto 

This video maker is nothing short of magical. It allows you to share your life memories in the form of creative videos. You can turn your raw material into a polished and beautiful carved piece within minutes. 

Magisto comes with in-built editing styles that users can use to finalise the video’s mood, style, and atmosphere. The icing on the cake is their audio and video analyzer. 

  • Masher 

Created in 2008, this video maker allows users to make unique digital videos by combining photos, visual effects, music, and filters. It also has a vast-inbuilt library with tons of options for the users that shield outstanding results. In addition to that, the Masher library has videos from the world’s notable organizations like BBC and CBS News, amongst others. And the music has been provided by experts as well. 


You might be a brand looking to create videos for social media or an individual passionate about visual content. In either case, using a renowned video maker is essential. 

So if you’re not utilising this technology, now would be a great time to do so. All the video makers mentioned above will help you create visually stunning videos in no time. Go ahead and take your pick.  


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