How To Access Blocked Websites?

access blocked websites

Nowadays peoples and students are so much involved on internet. So social media, youtube, video sharing websites, Facebook, Twitter etc are block on many work places, school, colleges, offices. It is just because employee and student can concentrate on their work and study. As we all know there are so many prohibited sites are available on the internet like Adult sites and study centers like college, schools and universities never allow to access them from their own place. So they block these type of contents and websites on their place. If you try to find there are lots of different methods and software to access blocked websites. But here I will show you easiest way to access blocked websites. Access blocked websites tutorial is just for knowledge. We will not responsible if you use it in illegal process.

Access Blocked websites By usingSurf Software

  • First of all download UltraSurd Proxy Software to access blocked sites.
  • You no need to download it. Just double click on exe file and run it.

usingSurf Software

  • When you click to run it will try to connect with your connection Server.

usingSurf Software

  • Wait till it is trying to connect,now you will see the Status that successfully connected to the server. Your internet explorer browser will be open automatically. That means UltraSurf is now connected with your server.

usingSurf Software

  • Now minimize your browser, you can see a Golden lock Pop-up on bottom of your desktop.

usingSurf Software

  • Now you are ready and can access blocked websites easily like facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.Remember this tutorial is only for learning basis. We are not responsible if you use it for any illegal purpose.

this tutorial will help you to access blocked website from your work station.if you are running or using any other good software and technique then please share with us.i will try to include it my post.

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