How To Root Android Phone without Pc?

root android without pc

There are many and different methods to root android phone without Pc and with Pc. if you are interested to root android phone without Pc then it’s ok .I will show you easiest method to root android phone without pc. If you want to learn this rooting process with Pc then you have to wait ,just go for my next post. here In this post you will see how you can root android phone without pc just in a click.

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How To Root Android Phone With Pc?

root android with pc

After introducing android now we can see rooting is hot topic among the users who wants to do different with their rooted android phone or device. If you visit on any forum you will find topic like how to root android phone with Pc or computer, how to root android phone withour pc, root android phone etc. these are really most desired question for users and for this you don’t have to be a hacker or a tech expert. For this you just need to be aware of the potential risk.

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Fix errors- This copy of windows is not genuine

windows errors,solve windowl 7 errors

After installation Windows7 OS build 7601 or any windows version and it will run for one or two months after that time period you will get a problems on your pc windows like “this copy of windows is not genuine” or getting black screen.

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Trick To Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery {simple trick}

Trick To Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

here in this post we will show you a trick to hide whatsapp images and videos from gallery.I think we all are familiar about whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is the top most popular instant messaging service in the world. We all know how it is booming day by day. By this messaging free service we can share unlimited messages around the worlds. But what about images and videos? Images and videos are able to automatically save in android gallery which takes some storage capacity of phone

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How To Access Blocked Websites?

Nowadays peoples and students are so much involved on internet. So social media, youtube, video sharing websites, Facebook, Twitter etc are block on many work places, school, colleges, offices. It is just because employee and student can concentrate on their work and study. As we all know there are so many prohibited sites are available … Read more

Play Hidden game Inside Google Chrome { PC/Android }

We all are living in internet world and day by day internet users are increasing .there are lots of tricks and techniques on the internet may be we are aware or not. Ok now I am going to show you an interesting game on Google chrome. We all are familiar about Google chrome .it is … Read more