[2016] How To Change IMEI Number Of Android Phone/smartPhone

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Do you want to change IMEI number of android phone/device? If you real wish to change IMEI number of android phone then this guide will help you and I am 100%  sure you can do it again yourself after reading this post. After spending lots of hours and day on the internet I collected several information for “how to change IMEI number of android Smartphone” or “how to change IMEI number of any android phone (root or without root)”.

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[GUIDE]-How To Enable USB Debugging In Android Phone?

Enable USB debugging in android phone is must if you are going to start installing any third party software, custom ROMs, rooting or any such hackery. Best thing is that there is no any rocket science to enable USB debugging in android phone. It’s so simple and easy trick to start. You can perfume it within in a minute.however when you buy any smartphone like HTC,MOTOROLA, SAMSUNG,LG or Google Nexus etc.

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How To Root Android Phone With Pc?

root android with pc

After introducing android now we can see rooting is hot topic among the users who wants to do different with their rooted android phone or device. If you visit on any forum you will find topic like how to root android phone with Pc or computer, how to root android phone withour pc, root android phone etc. these are really most desired question for users and for this you don’t have to be a hacker or a tech expert. For this you just need to be aware of the potential risk.

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